Unique and Creepy Tradition in Trunyan Village

Trunyan Village is one village in the island that has a characteristic and the uniqueness of its own. Trunyan Village, village means village, Trunyan itself means Taru and Menyan, Taru means tree and Menyan means fragrant, so Trunyan Village is a village that has a tree that smells are very fragrant. Trunyan Village is a an ancient village located on the shores of Lake Batur, Kintamani, Bangli regency. Trunyan Village located in the east on the shores of Lake Batur, the location of Trunyan Village is very secluded. Land route from Penelokan, Kintamani, and only reached the Kedisan Village.

From Kedisan Village to Trunyan village, in Kedisan Village built the dock that is destined to defection to the Trunyan village, the tourists have crossed Lake Batur for 45 minutes by motorboat or 2 hours by canoe or boat actuated by a paddle, during the crossing to Trunyan village , tourists can enjoy the beauty and coolness are offered by Lake Batur. In addition to water way, Trunyan village can be reached by road, via a footpath through the village Buahan and Abang. If the tourists do excursions to Trunyan village, if from Denpasar is about 65km or 2 hours by car. Trunyan village is a Bali Aga village with a unique community life. The cultural of Trunyan village community reflects a pattern of conservative peasant culture.

Trunyan has a characteristic and unique tradition of doing funerals corpse. The uniqueness of the corpse burial tradition in Trunyan until today is still a tradition carried from generation to generation by the people in the village Trunyan. The processions of people who have died in Bali are generally buried or burnt (cremation). But in a Trunyan Village not like that, the body of people who have died, through the stages of procession and finally wrapped in cloth Kavan (gauze), and then it is placed on the ground under the Taru Menyan (fragrant tree), then around the corpse was given woven from bamboo trees or which is called Ancak Saji. Corpses were placed on the ground under the Taru Menyan, did not emit an odor at all.

So, the tourists who want to visit Trunyan Village, and want to see the bodies that are around the tree of Taru Menyan, should not be afraid with a pungent odor incurred by the bodies, because of the smell incurred by the corpse has been absorbed by Taru Menyan which grew up in the area of the funeral. Trunyan Village is indeed the Old Village in Bali, which still adheres to the heritage and ancestral traditions.

Specifically, in relation to public confidence Trunyan Village about illness and death, the ways the funeral of Trunyan Village there are two kinds, namely:

  • Put the bodies on the ground under the open air which is known as Mepasah, there is they were at the time of death, including those who have been married, people who are still single and children who his milk teeth have been curtly. In the terms of Mepasah, after cleansing ceremony by means washed with rainwater, the corpse is simply laid on the ground surface. A place to lay down the corpse was given a hole about 10 to 20 cm so that the position of the body was not moved due to the structure of the burial ground the uneven. Then in addition to the face, body parts corpse wrapped in white cloth. As a marker, the body covered with bamboo which is arranged to form a prism called Ancak Saji. What is unique is that although the bodies are placed in the ground, the corpse did not smell foul.trunyan 4trunyan 1

  • By the way of Buried. People were buried after death is those who are disabled or at the time of his death there are wounds that have not healed. People who died with unnatural, such as suicide and killed or little children who have not been curtly milk teeth. For tourists who visited or traveled to Trunyan village, obliged to give alms to Trunyan village voluntarily, to help people of Trunyan village in caring for, protecting and preserving the cemetery that is the legacy of their ancestors.trunyan 8

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