See a Beautiful Water Palace from the Top

Many Tourist Attractions in Bali are very beautiful and interesting to visit. Not only domestic tourists, foreign tourists are also many who come to Bali to see directly how the beauty of the island which is an island of thousand temples and also famous for its beautiful beaches. Not only the beach which is owned, Bali also has many traditions, culture, art, and beautiful garden that blends with the natural beauty and the beautiful sea. The beautiful gardens, directly facing toward to the sea, and we can also enjoy the beauty of the Water Palace that located in Karangasem Regency, there is Taman Ujung Ujung Karangasem or commonly known as to Soekasada park.

Ujung Water Palace is a former palace in Karangasem Regency, Bali. Now, Ujung Water Palace is also known as Ujung Park or Sukasada Park. Ujung Water Palace is located about 5 kilometers from Amplapura. In the Dutch East Indies era, this place known by the name Waterpaleis. The palace includes three large pools. In the middle of the pool, there is the main building named Gili Bale, connected to the edge of the pool by bridge.

taman ujung 8Ujung Water Palace was built by the King of Karangasem, I Gusti Bagus Jelantik, who holds Anak Agung Agung Ketut Karangasem Anglurah. At the beginning, the extent of the area are almost 400 hectares, but now only about 10 hectares. Most of the land has been distributed to the public during the land reform. Many of the land are belonging to the kingdom which was distributed to the public to be managed. This park is privately owned family Puri Karangasem. But the public visitors are allowed to visit it.This palace is a privately owned by Karangasem Royal. It was built in 1909 on the initiative of Anak Agung Anglurah. The architect was a Dutch van Den Hentz and a Chinese Loto Ang. This development also involves the undagi (Balinese architect). This palace is actually the development from Dirah Pool which has been built in 1901 The construction was completed in 1921. In 1937, Taman Ujung Karangasem inaugurated with a marble stele inscribed with the text in Latin and Balinese Script and also two languages, Malay and Balinese. It was destroyed almost entirely by the eruption of Mount Agung in 1963 and earthquake in 1975. Now, Ujung Water Palace Karangasem into a historical tourist attraction that must be visited.

taman ujung 6

First, access to enter Taman Ujung Karangasem, we will pass a long concrete bridge and connect between the parking area and the area Water Palace. Furthermore, at the end of the bridge we will enjoy an extensive water park. It was the beginning of an amazing tourist search.

Explore the Ujung Water Palace area to make us comfortable. Why? Because along the way we will feel the fresh air with the cool shade of pine trees and flowers. We can also enjoy the atmosphere clean and green and very beautiful

Visit the Ujung Water Palace area feels not comfortable, if we do not enjoy things that are interesting in the building or the main building, called the Hall of Gili Bangi Fish. The main building is this which is the resting place of Karangasem royal family in earlier times. The main building is located in the middle of the water parks are connected by a concrete bridge located on the right and left, like a bridge located at the beginning we entered the area of Ujung Water Palace.

bangunan utama

In the bridge that is is often used by the general public or visitors for special events, such as the Pre-wedding photo shoot or shooting models.

prewedding 2

To enter the bridge, we will be welcomed silence in silence statue which wearing a black and white a cloth (checkered). Because the position is higher, then we climb a few stairs first.

gambar 1

Main building in the form of the royal family rest house, consisting of some rooms, such as: 1) the living room (living room); 2) the bedroom king when this condition is sacred (for women who are menstruating / menstrual forbidden to enter this room); 3) space sons and daughters of the king; 4) the kitchen (dining room); etc. On the walls of the main building there are dioramas that tell about the puppet. In the living room that seemed large, we are free to enjoy the view out. This is because the walls are made only as high as an adult’s chest.

living roomkamar raja 1

In the room’s sons and daughters of the king, we can see the photo-photo ancient times which shows the king of Karangasem along with her son and daughter. In this room we can know through the photo-photo that exist, that the Karangasem royal family is a big family. In this room there is also a table and chairs used by the royal family in guiding their children. Unfortunately, we are forbidden to sit at a table and seats. What is clear, so that visitors are not at will sit carelessly that can damage the existing facilities.

Held a tour to visit Taman Ujung Karangasem makes pride for us. This is because the Taman Ujung Karangasem as a winner in 2014 and has a Certificate of Excellence from the ‘tripadvisor’, which states that the Taman Ujung Karangasem a tourist attractions were recommended to visit. That’s what makes Taman Ujung Karangasem visited by many tourists both local and foreign tourists.

After touring enjoy the facilities of the main building, there is no harm if we enjoy Ujung Water Palace in another way. If the visitor wants to enjoy the sensation of water of different beauty of the Palace, we could rent a small boat provided by the tour manager to surround the Ujung Water Palace.

Furthermore, we can enjoy and look at Ujung Water Palace of height. we can rise to the top (of the hill) with up dozens of stairs towards to the Taman Ujung icon shaped gate. At this place, The most frequently used for shooting various films or a local or national sinetron. Even the pre-wedding events are also often held in this place. Tour manager gives opportunity to the general public or visitors, if you want to take advantage of that location.

gambar 2taman ujung 11

Surrounds The Water Palace of course can make us tired, especially if accompanied by dozens of stairs to climb to a high place. If the visitor is already tired of walking around and enjoying the facilities at Ujung Water Palace Karangasem, we can rest in the Bale Bengong that is located next to the building tour manager. However, if the Visitors want to get a different atmosphere, it is advisable to rest in chapels that is located in the highlands (hill). Surely we must pass through dozens of stairs. Although you are tired, but it will be paid after enjoying the beautiful view of The Water Palace from the height. Of course it can make you are really satisfied and happy.

Don’t worry, Ujung Water Palace also have been equipped with a hawker center (food and beverages), cool culinary stalls, and a large parking area. Around the parking area is also provided halls family resting place. We are free to choose and will find comfort. For visitors who want to get souvenirs Balinese handicrafts, around the location also many souvenirs and handicrafts typical Balinese are offered. We just choose to suit our tastes.

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