Traditional Food Typical of Bali which Unusual

One of the popular Balinese foods is the Babi Guling. Babi guling as traditional food has been listed as a cultural heritage is not the object of Indonesia since 2011. At the beginning Babi Guling only used for traditional ceremonies offerings or religious ceremony. But now Babi Guling can be found easily in a variety of restaurants, food stalls, and hotels in Bali.

babi guling 8

Babi guling is a kind of side dishes made from female or male piglets in their entirety except for its entrails incurred and cleaned with warm water, at all changed with seasonings and vegetables such as cassava leaves, roasted on coals of fire while rotated until cooked which is marked by skin color become brown and crispy. Seasoning of Bali also affects the taste of the delicacy of the skin of babi guling, traditional Balinese seasoning “Base Genep,” and mixed with cassava leaf the vegetable. When pork have been cooked, seasonings, and the vegetable that would later accompany pigskin and pork chops when eating.

babi guling 11
Cuisine Babi Guling is a typical Balinese are always delicious eaten both as lunch or dinner. Babi guling is Balinese cuisine is usually served with Balinese seasonings and ‘jukut ares’ that is a soup of banana trees. This food becomes a major culinary destination for Balinese society, local tourists, and foreign tourists. Balinese society Avocation eat the cuisine Babi guling itself not separated from some Balinese Hindu religious rituals that require use Babi guling as a means ceremony. Among them is the Feast Galungan (the victory of dharma against adharma). on penampahan Galungan (the day before Galungan) usually Balinese Hindu society will slaughter the pigs by mutual cooperation. Not only in Feast Galungan. Other ceremonies such as Dewa Yadnya ceremony, Manusa Yadnya, or Rsi Yadnya there is also use of means of Babi Guling. That’s one reason Balinese People always love to eat the Babi Guling dishes.

babi guling 10
Babi Guling skin color colored sorrel can tantalize our tongue to try crispy skin and tender meat. Many fans which is so love Babi Guling skin. The skin of Babi Guling which is crispy with a little lard attached to makes it taste so tasty on the tongue. For foreign tourists don’t worry about you can’t try this food because you don’t have to wait for the feast came to be able to taste delicious Balinese Babi Guling. Many restaurants that provides special cuisine of Babi Guling. The area that has a lot of restaurant that provides Babi Guling is Tabanan. Other than as a rice granary of Bali, Tabanan is also the center of Babi Guling restaurant in Bali. It said like that because almost every hamlet in Tabanan has at least two until three restaurant of Babi Guling.


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