Jump from The Height of 13 meters into The Sea

Nusa Ceningan is part of the outer islands of Bali is located between Nusa Lembongan and Penida, administratively become the district of Klungkung. The terrain is only about 300 hectares. In mainland Southeast of Bali, access to that place can use fast boat from Sanur, usually departs every morning at 09.00 or it can from Nusa Lembongan Island then crossed to the Nusa Ceningan by land, through the Retro suspension bridge that connects these two islands, the bridge can only passed by motorbike.

bias tugel beach
Tourist attraction in Nusa Ceningan is enough to make many people wonder. Its Beaches has white, soft, and clean sandy beaches, sea water is very clear and calm, coral reefs and diverse marine life, so become a special attraction for tourists who love to see the beauty beneath the sea. A number of activities that you can do are sun bathing on the beach, snorkeling, diving and even you can do surfing. The place is very quiet and we can enjoy a peaceful atmosphere because not many vehicles passing around in this area.
Besides the beauty of natural scenery, in Nusa Ceningan there are also some temples, which are frequented by Hindus, like Goa King Temple / Banglas, Batumelawang temple, Hyacinths Temple, Dalem Bahu and Tri Adi Sakti as well as several other temples, the temple has strong magical vibration, quiet place, silence and peaceful, so it is suitable for someone who pursue spiritual activities and get closer to God.
For tourists who like raced with adrenaline, they can try the challenge this one that is Cliff jumping. Cliff Jumping is located on a small island near Bali named island Ceningan. By using a motor that can be rented around Lembongan, tourists will be taken to heaven in Ceningan, through the suspension bridge along 100m that connects the Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan.

jump bridge

After traveling through about 30 minutes to 1 hour, tourists will be surprised by the hidden paradise in Bali. Many tourists can’t wait to jump from the cliffs to the high seas which have varying heights. For tourists who dare and are accustomed can jump from a height of 13 meters. If there is a novice traveler can try to jump from a height of 8 meters and 9 meters.

For tourists who are afraid with the height, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere in the surrounding area of Ceningan jumping cliff because there are also provided places for tourists and tourist can enjoy the sea view from the cliff at Nusa Ceningan Island. If tourists who want to come to Nusa Ceningan and want to try to jump from the height above the Nusa Ceningan cliff, tourists can come in June until September and come in the morning because the waves around the area cliff jumping is still calm.

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