Enjoy The Sacred Vibration near The Beautiful Lake

Ulun Danu Bratan Temple Bali Is a temple built on the lake, the name of the lake is Beratan or lake “Holy Mountain”, the extent of lake reached 1607.5 Ha. This area is very fertile and the climate is very cold. Ulun Danu Temple Beratan, or usually called Ulun Danu Temple, is the second largest temple in Bali after Besakih. This temple name refers to its location standing on the shore of Lake Beratan. Location of the temple is quite special because it is located in the highlands of Bedugul, which is about 1,239 meters above sea level. Conditions like this make the atmosphere of the temple is quite cool, with air temperatures between 18-22 degrees Celsius. In addition, a beautiful view of Lake Beratan also adds to the wonderful atmosphere at this place.

Ulun Danu Temple / Lake Beratan
Ulun Danu Temple Bratan Bratan temple or is a temple on the water of old age in Bali. The Building that located in this Bedugul tourist area is an ancient building, but all of their physical states are still clean and neatly arranged. The location of the temple is located on the northwestern edge of Lake Bratan in the mountains near Bedugul. Ulun Danu Temple is a Hindu holy building was built to worship the Goddess Danu.
“Danu” itself is a local Balinese language meaning “lake”. While “Bratan” is the name of the lake is located in the highlands of this Bedugul. The temple is actually used for ceremonial offerings Dewi Danu is the goddess of water, lakes, and rivers.
Ulun Danu Temple Beratan is about 45 kilometers from the center of Tabanan, or about 55 kilometers from the city of Denpasar. Ulun Danu Beratan located in Bedugul, Candikuning Village, District Baturiti, Tabanan Regency, Bali Province, Indonesia. This temple is open to tourist visits between 08.00 A.M. until 18.00 P.M. However, when the temple area was foggy, location of the temple will be closed more quickly to avoid the unwanted incidents. To reach this temple, tourists can use public transport, such as taxis, buses, as well as travel agencies towards the path of Denpasar-Singaraja. This temple is located on the border between Tabanan and Buleleng, located on the edge of the highway, precisely on the shores of Lake Beratan.

ulun danu temple 14
As a historical attractions and religion, Ulun Danu Beratan has been equipped with supporting facilities, such as parking lots, playgrounds for children, as well as a toilet. Near the playground there are restaurant that serves a variety of cuisines.
Ulun Danu Temple Beratan based upon the history been built since 1556, Hindu-Buddhist architecture building is built by the King of Mengwi I Gusti Agung Putu. Ulun Danu Temple Bratan consists of four sacred buildings, there are Pura Lingga Petak with three levels of “Meru” as a place of worship for the god Shiva, Penataran Puncak Mangu with 11 levels of “Meru” as a place of worship of the god Vishnu, the temple Lotus Bang as the main temple, and the Pura Dalem Purwa as a place of worship to Sang Hyang Widhi in its manifestation as the Trimurti. The Pura Dalem Purwa serves as places to invoke fertility, prosperity, and well-being.

Ulun Danu Temple 11
History of establishment Ulun Danu Temple Beratan can be seen in one of the stories recorded in Chronicle of Lontar Mengwi. In the chronicle is told about a nobleman named I Gusti Agung Putu who lost the war of I Gusti Ngurah Batu Tumpeng. To rise from the defeat, I Gusti Agung Putu did meditation on the top of Mangu Mount to get strength and enlightenment. After finish his hermitage, he established the palace Belayu (Bela Ayu), then go back to war against the Ngurah Batu Tumpeng and gained the victory. After that, I Gusti Agung Putu which was the founder of the Kingdom of Mengwi established a temple on the shores of Lake Beratan which is now known as the Ulun Danu Beratan Temple.
In Chronicle of Lontar Mengwi also told that the establishment of this temple is done sometime before 1556 Saka or 1634 BC, or about one year before the founding of Taman Ayun Temple, a temple that also was founded by I Gusti Agung Putu. Mengwi kingdom into a peaceful and prosperous and the community were dub him as “I Gusti Agung Sakti”
If you visited the Ulun Danu Beratan, you can enjoy the unique temple and a beautiful natural environment around it. Beautiful atmosphere, cool and clean air, you can feel when you’ve arrived at this temple. From the parking lot, tourists must first buy a ticket to enter the temple environment. Then you will pass through a path decorated with flowers, grass and pine trees which green. This path leads to the entrance to the temple (gate).

ulun danu temple 9
Before entering the gate, try to look for a moment, there is stupa (Buddhist temple) which is still used as a place of worship. Not far from the temple area, there is also a mosque as a place of worship for Muslims.
Entering the gate, we will see Balinese temple building which is characterized by graded towers (Meru). In the temple environment at least there are some buildings which have a roof graded tower, the roof tower with 11 levels, 7 levels and 3 levels. The existence of storey tower illustrates the worship of three gods, the god Vishnu (11 levels), Brahma (7 levels), and Shiva (3 levels). Although considered as a place of worship to the trinity (Lord Vishnu, Brahma and Shiva), but actually this temple was originally a place to worship Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati, a symbol for fertility. Allegations of that the temple is a place of worship of Shiva-Parvati strengthened saw this temple functions as Subak temple, the temple which supported by the Balinese social organization that regulates the distribution of agricultural irrigation. Pura Subak its own specially made to invoke fertility for agriculture.
Besides being a historical site which records the development of Hinduism in the kingdom of Mengwi, the area Ulun Danu Beratan also keep other artifacts derived from the megalithic era (about 500 BC). On the left of the front page Ulun Danu Temple Beratan can be seen a sarcophagus and the stone boards. Sarcophagus is a stone coffin that is usually used to keep corpses (grave stone), while the board of stone found in the same location is estimated as a place of worship of prehistoric people. These findings indicate that the construction of the temple had previously been used as a place of worship by the archaic society.
ulun danu temple 7
The most interesting of the temple is tourist can see the temple like floating in the middle of the lake because it is located at the lakeside rather low, making the land around the temple often waterlogged when the flow of water of the lake was overflowing. This condition creates a very beautiful view. The current state of the overflow water is the best moment to photograph Ulun Danu Beratan.

Besides enjoying the historical attractions, tourists can also enjoy the beauty of Lake Beratan which has a depth of up to 23 meters. Travelers who are not satisfied just by looking at it alone can rent a traditional boat or motor boat to surround the lake. Or, if you want to try out the challenge of various water games, can also rent a game parasailing, banana boat and Jet Ski. To just spend time, tourists can also fishing on the lake shore, exactly under leafy bamboo groves to just spend time. If you want a jungle atmosphere with fruit trees tempting, tourists can go to the Eka Karya Botanical Garden that is located approximately 300 meters from Lake Beratan.

ulun danu temple 5ulun danu temple 8


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