Temple Stand on The Top of the Indian Ocean

Luhur Uluwatu Temple is located in Pecatu Village, South Kuta District, Badung, Bali Province, Indonesia. This temple is located in the village of Pecatu, District Kuta, Badung. This temple stands majestically at an altitude of 97 meters above sea level above the cliffs and high and jutting into the sea, on the southwestern tip of the island of Bali. In Sanskrit language, Uluwatu meaning “top of the rock” (ulu = peak / end / top, while Watu = stone). The name is refers to the location of the temple which is at the top of the cliff. This temple is located about 30 km south of Denpasar, capital of Bali Province. Its location is around 25 km to the south of Kuta tourist area that located in the Southwestern tip of the island of Bali. For the tourists who want to enter Uluwatu Temple must buy a ticket.

uluwatu 7
Pura Uluwatu is believed by Hindus as a buffer from 9 of the wind. This temple also has a small forest called Kekeran pedestal, which is said to serve as buffer sanctity of the temple. In addition, because of its location jutting into the sea of the Indian Ocean, this temple is famous for its sunset very wonderful.
Before entering the temple, during the tour around the temple, visitors are advised to comply with existing regulations. In front of the temple there is a rental sarong or shawl to be used by tourists who want to enter the temple. Tourists are required to wear special cloth there are sarongs for those who wear pants or a skirt above the knee, and scarves for tourists who wear pants or skirts below the knee. Sarongs and scarves that symbolize respect for the sanctity of the temple, as well as binders imply bad intentions in the soul.

uluwatu 11

uluwatu 12
When entering the temple area (out yard of the temple), tourists will be greeted by Bentar Temple Gate that the entrance to the middle area. This is one of the archaeological remains of the 16th century. To reach the temple offal, you will pass through the brackets temple there is a statue in front of the temple guards (Dwarapala) in the form of a statue of Ganesha. However, to respect the sanctity of the temple, tourists are not allowed to enter the main room of the cult because only the Hindus who will pray only allowed entering it.

uluwatu 9
When down a path that is long enough to Uluwatu, with a concrete fence on the side of a cliff, you can enjoy the view of the hills to see the expanse of rock and crystal clear sea. However, tourists should be careful on the naughty monkeys roaming the roads leading to the temple. However, they often also take the belongings of visitors, such as sunglasses, hats, earrings, hair tie, and other items. To avoid ignorance wild monkeys, tourists can buy snacks such as cucumber slices, nuts, and other snacks at food stalls around the temple. The stalls also sell food and beverages for consumption needs of the visitors.

uluwatu 6
After passing through the trail, you will find intersection; turn right there, there is also a left turn. If you turn right to the temple, there are many sites – sites that are considered sacred by Hindus as a place of prayer. Meanwhile, if you turn left, you will pass a beautiful grass area really. The more you will climb above the cliffs. The area is quite high if you consider that exist under the sea.

uluwatu 4


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