Water Sports Games which Can Spur Your Adrenaline

Bali is a the tourist attractions that the most frequently visited by tourists to spend holidays in Bali because of the atmosphere that can be blend with nature and can show a unique cultural performances. Besides that Bali also has a special place to do water games. Many tourists who come to Bali to enjoy a vacation with water sport activities. Tanjung Benoa Beach is one of the tourist attractions in Bali which provides water sport activities are the most complete and the tools or equipment used at the time when do activities is very safe to be used by tourists who can make the tourists experience who come become unforgettable moment and very exciting to do. The games provided in Tanjung Benoa very varied and can make tourists who try it feel very satisfied when enjoying a holiday in Tanjung Benoa beach.

There are several attractions exciting game to do in Tanjung Benoa Beach. The rides water activities that available at this Bali beach, there are:
Flying Board is the newest games that are very popular in Tanjung Benoa. Fly Activities on the board with the encouragement of the water at this beach, making many people curious. Many tourists come to Bali for a holiday and try water sport activities by trying to “fly” with this Flying Board.

Flying Board

Rolling Donut is one of the favorite games here. You will sit on a buoy shaped donut cake and pulled by a speed boat. The game is many devotees and in the holidays often happens long queues to try it.

Rolling Donut
Flying Fish is a game for two people by using a special boat, and towed by a speedboat at high speed, the boat which pulled it will fly like a kite. Many tourists who come to Bali like to try this water sport in Tanjung Benoa beach and take many photos with this banana boat.

flying fish
Banana Boat is a water sport activities at the most tourists try to play it. By using a rubber boat shaped like a banana, pulled by a speed boat around the coast within approximately 15 minutes. This boat passenger capacity is a maximum of four people and one instructor as a companion. So, this water sport is safe to do because there are instructors who guide you and tourists use a buoy. For Banana Boat water sport, tourists can also do this water sport in Nusa Lembongan, Bali.

banana boat
Snorkeling is swimming in the sea level and tourists can see directly under natural life such as various kinds of fish and coral reefs are still well preserved. Tourists who do these snorkeling activities can see the beauty beneath of the sea and feel satisfied because the water is very clear.


Sea Walker is water sport activities that can feel the beauty of the underwater and tourists can walk under or on the seabed of Tanjung Benoa by using a watertight helmet with the aim to see directly the underwater life such as various kinds of fish and beautiful coral reefs.

sea walker
Parasailing is an activity using a parachute umbrella pulled by a speed boat to surround this Tanjung Benoa beach. This game for one round time is about 4 minutes in the air. Parasailing is one sport that is little bit extreme but fun which is favored by many tourists who visit the Bali Island especially Tanjung Benoa beach.

parasailing 2
Wakeboarding is a water sport that pulled by speedboat and tourists glide with the board. This water sport is very exciting and challenging. This game is similar to water ski but they stand on top of the wide board.

Wakeboardingwakeboarding 1
Water Skiing is a water sport like surfing just the different of this water sport is tourist’s ski board will be pulled by a speed boat. Many foreign tourists come to Tanjung Benoa Beach and do this activity.

Jetski is a water sport like ride a motorbike in the beach. For the time is about twenty minutes. Jetski in this Tanjung Benoa tourist attraction will accompany by a guide. For the tourists who usually ride this motorbike can ride the jetski alone.

Scuba Diving is a water sport activity there is diving by using the diving equipment that complete wih the aim to see the undersea life directly in Tanjung Benoa Beach such as many kinds of fish and beautiful coral reefs. For the diving activities, tourists can also enjoy it in Lovina Beach, Singaraja, Bali.

diving 6diving
At Glass Bottom Boat and Turtle Island Water Sport, tourists will be invited for a boat ride that’s under of the boat there is a clear glass and tourist can see a variety of underwater life in Tanjung Benoa. Located approximately 30 minutes by boat and there is Bali Turtle Island which is breeding places for many species of turtles which endangered. This breeding place itself named Pudut Sari, on this island there is also a gallery which is a favorite shopping locations that sell a variety of souvenirs.

Glass Bottom


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