Feel Balinese People Struggle on Prehistory Era

Bajra Sandhi Monumen is Balinese People Struggle that located at Niti Mandala Renon field area in Denpasar at Raya Puputan Street. This museum was built by imitating the shape of bajra is frequently used by Priest or In Bali called “Sulinggih”. The Museum was built on a land area of 13.8 hectares with building area about 4900 square meters. This museum become a symbol of Balinese People to respect the heroes and a symbol to preserve the soul of Balinese People struggle from generation to generation and from period to period, as well as the symbol of spirit to maintain the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. It can be seen from seventeen stairs at the main entrance, eight great poles in the monument building, and the high of the monument is forty five meters because the independence of the Indonesia on August 17, 1945.

bajra 2
Bajra Sandhi Monument was inaugurated by President of Megawati Sukarno Putri on June 14, 2003. In front of this Bajra Sandhi Building usually held Bali Art Festival Parade every year, which is usually opened by the President of Indonesia. The name of Bajra Sandhi is divided into two words, there are Bajra and Sandhi. Bajra means Genta and Sandhi means Sacred. If seen from the shape of the monument building like the Holy Genta that used by the Priests of Hinduism while saying the mantra in the worship ceremony. Bajra Sandhi monument is opens every working day between 09:00 a.m. until 05:00 p.m. and close at public holiday.
Bajra Sandi Monument was establish with the aim to respect the heroes who have been struggling with a persistent and brave, as well as a spirit symbol for generation in maintaining the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia. Bajra Sandhi Monument also has been ever used as a peace monument of Bali after the tragic incident Bali Bombing I and II. Facilities that owned by Bajra Sandhi Monument is very adequate such as a large parking area, clean public restroom, a place to buy souvenirs, food, and drink. On the Outside of Bajra Sandhi Monument, we can enjoy the beautiful view around the Bajra Sandhi Monument at Bale Bengong in the four corners of the museum. Bale Bengong also can use for the tourist to take a rest after go around in the monument.

bajra 9bajra 11
Bajra Sandhi Monument apply the concept of “Tri Mandala” that structured into three floors, there are:
1. Utamaning Main Mandala is the third floor. Located at the topmost position serves as a quietness room, a place of silence and tourists can enjoy the atmosphere of the distance around the monument.
2. Madyaning Main Mandala is the second floor that the function as the diorama room which amounts to 33 units. On the second floor is used as a miniature display of the Balinese People Struggle from period to period.
3. Nistaning Main Mandala is the first floor aor the ground floor of the Bajra Sandhi Monument. On the ground floor there is an information room, a library, an exhibition room, meeting room, administrative room, and restrooms.

bajra 10

On the first floor, we can see an exhibition room, administrative room, library, a place where to buy souvenir, and meeting room. The most interesting in the first floor is when we enter to the exhibition room. In the exhibition room, we were served with many varieties of photos that tell about the history of the royal kingdom in the past and the struggle of Balinese People in ousting the history. Tourist will reminisce to explore the history at the past in Bali Island with the many photos that is still black and white.

bajra 17bajra 19

After tourists go around in the first floor, after that tourists can go to the second floor or diorama room through the stairs. If the tourists enter the diorama room, they are will know about the many history incident of the Balinese People Struggle are useful for the knowledge and the generation. The totaling of Diorama are 33 pieces that description about Balinese People Life since prehistoric times until the period of maintaining the independence in 1950 until 1975. Giving the name of Diorama divided into three languages or writing, there are Indonesian, English, and Bali letters. Each Diorama also given the instruction there is “Please, Don’t Touch”.

bajra 6

Overall of diorama that is laid out sequentially, in a clockwise direction in the order of time of the incident. In the early part of the diorama, we will be shown on prehistoric times, there is the ancient human in the era of hunting and gathering like Pithecanthropus Erectus was hunting pigs using a hand-held ax. The next section of diorama is describing the development of the Balinese from the kingdom, the colonial period, the physical revolution, until the post-independence period.

bajra 15

Some diorama which interesting and important in the second floor room is a diorama that describe about The Heroic Events Battle of Puputan Klungkung, Puputan Badung Battle and The events of tearing Dutch letter by Patih I Gusti Ketut Jelantik of Buleleng Kingdom, as well as dissemination of the proclamation of independence of action in 1945. There are also diorama that describes about Indonesian Independence and the actions taken in the independence.

bajra 23

bajra 4

After tourists see all diorama on the second floor, then they can enjoy the beautiful view in the tower room on the top floor or the third floor. To go to the top floor, tourist will pass through a circular staircase located in the middle of the pond. After passing through the circular stairs, they will enter the room on the top floor. In the tower room which has a diameter of approximately 5 meters, they can enjoy the beautiful view of Denpasar city and its surrounding area. Tourists can also take a picture and video as much as possible.

bajra 24bajra 25


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