Visit Three Regency in One Tourist Attraction

Among the cultural art museum which spread in Bali, there is a museum that holds the wealth of Balinese traditional Culture since a long time ago. The Museum is Bali Museum.
Bali museum that was built in 1910 using traditional architecture with Balinese ornaments. This museum was inaugurated on December 8, 1932. Area in Bali museum is divided into three there are out yard of the museum or in Bali called “Jaba Sisi”, in the middle of the museum area or in Bali called “Jaba Tengah”, and the main area of the museum or in Bali called “Jeroan”. In the front corner of the right side in the middle there is a building called Bale Bengong. In front corner of the left side there is a building called the Bale Kulkul. In the main part or Jeroan there is a building consisting of three buildings there are Tabanan building which is located in the north, Karangasem building that located in the middle area, and Buleleng building which is located in the south.

museum 17
Tabanan building is used as an exhibition space that collects the goods of art and ethnography, Karangasem building used as an exhibition place of prehistoric objects, history of archaeological, ethnography and art as well as several paintings. Buleleng building used as an exhibition place there are a collection of household supplies equipment, craft tools, agricultural tools and fishing, entertainment appliances, sculptures are simple and primitive style which is made of clay, stone, and others.

museum 9
Bali Museum is located in Denpasar City, at Mayor Vishnu Street, In the east of Puputan Badung field. The museum was built on an area of 2,600 square meters. The shape of the building is stretching from the north to the south and divided into two parts. The northern part is a complex of old buildings that are planned and built in 1910.
Bali Museum is divided into three buildings there are Tabanan building, Karangasem building, and Buleleng building. The function is the implementation of a permanent exhibition. The southern part is a complex of new buildings was built in 1969. The whole complex of new buildings serves for administration and operation of temporary exhibitions or exhibitions periodically organized by the Museum of Bali itself or a particular institution. Staging or arts performances also performed in a new building complex in the south.

museum 13
Along with the time there was an additional facility in Bali Museum. Some of the additional facilities there are a library, auditorium, conservation laboratories, offices, and an exhibition hall in the East Building. The extensive of museum complex was expanded that increase to 6,000 square meters.
Facilities that available there are buildings storage of historical relics and ethnography since prehistoric times to the modern period of three buildings named Tabanan building, Karangasem building, and Buleleng building. In the northern part is the storage of goods art, ethnographic goods, ancient manuscripts (inscription), ceramics, porcelain figurines, household equipments, agricultural tools, weapons, tools ceremony, painting, puppet and others. These three storage building are relics of the past that functioned for a permanent exhibition. A new building in the southern part which was built in 1969 is the development of facilities in order to facilitate services for visitors.

museum 15
The East Building keeps the collection that isn’t sacred. The collections are stored in this building are displayed based on it periods there are the era of hunting, farming era, the era of ancient Bali or before the arrival of Majapahit, In the middle era of Bali or Majapahit era, and colonial era until now. The collections can be seen in this building include a variety of stone tools, jewelry, sarcophagi, statues, traditional weapons, statues, and paintings.

museum 3
In Buleleng building is displayed the collections that relating with the development of Balinese traditional textile craft, including plain fabric, white and black fabric, geringsing fabric, songket, and so on.

museum 5
In Karangasem building is displayed a variety of collections that relating with Panca Yadnya ceremony that is a ritual ceremony that performed in the daily life of Balinese people.

museum 18 Gedung-Karangasem
In the Tabanan building is displayed sacred collections such as ritual devices that still exist in society today, there are Barong, Rangda, and Traditional Dance such as Baris dance, Calonarang Dance, Sanghyang Dedari dance, and Tamiang Magoret dance.

museum 19 tabanan building new.jpg museum 14Bali Museum is very popular tourist attraction and very crowded visited by tourist, both domestic and foreign. Their visit aim to seek and find an information about the culture of Bali through collection objects relics of the past which has historical values or ethnographic.

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