Enjoy the Balinese Artists Performance

Bali isn’t not only awarded the stunning natural beauty, but also the wealth of art and culture are abundant. The wealth of art and culture are represented by the Bali Cultural Park as a place to accommodate the creativity of The Balinese artist. Bali Cultural Park development started from the construction idea of the arts center Bali that was initiated by Prof. Dr. Ida Bagus Matra while serving as the General Director of Culture, Ministry of Culture and the National Education in 1969. This Bali Cultural Park or Arts Centre is located at Nusa Indah Street, Denpasar.

ART 8Occupying a land area of 5 hectares, Bali Cultural Park was originally named “Werdhi Budaya” which can be interpreted as art center. This cultural park development planned very seriously. The buildings are neat. Bali Cultural Park Development adapts philosophical sense of rotation of the Mount Mandara Giri which is implemented in the name of the buildings that located in this complex.
The main building in Bali Cultural Park complex named Ksirarnawa. The name is derived from the Sanskrit which means sea of milk. Ksirarnawa buildings are occupies an area of 5,500 m2. This building of two floors can accommodate an audience of up to 525 people.

art 17 gedung ksirarnawaart 16 gedung ksirarnawa
Across the Ksirarnawa building, there are other buildings that are not less majestic. Building in the form of the stage named Ardhacandra. “Ardhacandra” is meaning semicircle month. Ardhacandra is an open stage that is usually used as a theater performance, drama gong, Bali colossal performances, and other artistic activities. Ardhacandra is able to accommodate an audience of approximately 7,000 people because occupying an area of 7,200 m2.


For cultural shows on a smaller scale, Bali Cultural Park also has Angsoka and Ayodya building area. These buildings usually used by students who want to contribute to the development of the arts in Bali. Angsoka and Ayodya building area usually used as a staging of dance, music, and theater. In another section there is also a space that stores a variety of Balinese art objects such as sculptures, masks, paintings, and a set of Balinese gamelan.
As an arts and cultural center, Bali Cultural Park is equipped with supporting the activities of arts and culture. The process of maintaining and preserving the facility in accordance with the process to continue the cultural park with a variety of performances and cultural discussions, in order to keep alive the art and culture of Indonesia stay awake.

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