Enjoy the Clear Water Source that Free Chlorine

Air Sanih or yeh Sanih is an attraction that is located about 17 kilometers from Singaraja City, in Sanih Village, Kubutambahan Districts, Singaraja Regency, Bali province. This place is a tourist attraction that is used as a bathing place or a natural swimming pool which has its own water source. Since 1930, Air Sanih tourist attraction is already became famous as a tourist attraction for local residents.

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The uniqueness of Air Sanih attraction is located is surrounded by beaches that should lead to the source of these springs is salt water not fresh water. According to local belief the water source comes from Underground River which flows from Lake Batur that is located hundreds kilometers of these tourist sites. Air Sanih also called Yeh Sanih in Bali and Yeh means water. Air Sanih is a natural swimming pool where the water emerges from the ground water source and free chlorine.
There was a story that mentions a grandfather who ever release some of the ducks at Lake Batur, then one of the duck which release is disappeared somewhere. But strangely, a few days later the ducks came from water sources in the Air Sanih Pool. From that time the community around the Air Sanih swimming pool sure that the source of the water in the pool comes from the Lake Batur.
Air Sanih swimming pool has two swimming pools there are Sanih water swimming pool has two swimming pools, one swimming pool for adults because of its depth reaches 1.5 meters, and the other pool for children that is the depth of the water reaches the thigh of adults. Besides the two pools, there is a long small pool which flows around the Air Sanih area.

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After the tourists are satisfied to swim in the Air Sanih clear water, tourists also can enjoy the beach waves that located on the east pool of Air Sanih. Tourist can sit around while relaxing with their friends or their family and they can also eating snacks or cup noodles that they can buy at the food stalls that available in the Air Sanih Pool Area. Tourists can enjoy the beautiful view around the Air Sanih swimming pool that still protected and well maintained by the local goverment. Large trees also will add the beauty Air Sanih swimming pool atmosphere there.

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That differentiates Air Sanih tourist swimming pool with the other tourist pool in Bali is a very natural waters. Because the water that meets Air Sanih pool is water from original springs is commonly called Yeh Kelebutan. This spring is appeared in the southern part of the adult pool precisely under the frangipani trees which is adjacent to a worship place of the god Vishnu temple. The water is sourced from this spring is make Air Sanih pool looks very clear and will remains clear. The water in the pool will continue to flow because the water will boils down to the sea.

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