Visit the Monkey Kingdom which has Its Own Uniqueness

Sangeh tourist attraction is located in Blahkiuh village, Abiansemal districts, Badung regency. Sangeh can be reach approximately 30 minutes from Denpasar city, 45 minutes from Kuta area, 90 minutes from Nusa Dua, and 25 minutes from Ubud, Bali. Tourist attractions in this area are nutmeg forests which have been hundreds of years old as well as a collection of tame monkeys that inhabit this forest.

sangeh 6
Tourist attraction Sangeh actually a protected nature reserve due to the homogeneous forest areas which is Pala forest. Viewed from a plant that has a diameter of 2 meters and a height of nearly 70 meters, this forest is believed already planted for hundreds of years. Sangeh tourist area is a combination of botanical garden and the zoological garden with a natural impression and the life of its animal so that this tourist attraction including the natural attractions. Supporting facilities of Sangeh attraction that available there are public toilets, a large parking area, souvenir stalls, and food and drink stall. Sangeh tourist area is very crowded with visitors from in the morning until in the evening, especially during the holiday season.

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Inside of the Sangeh Pala Forest there are four temples that located separately from each other, such as Pule Temple is located in front of the road to enter the area of forests, Tirtha Temple is located on the east edge of the forest near the road that leads Denpasar-Plaga, Melanting Temple that located in the middle of Pala forest and Bukit Sari Temple is located in the west side of the forest.

sangeh 4
History of establishment Bukit Sari Temple there are mentioned according to the tradition where I Gusti Agung Ketut Karangasem that’s I Gusti Agung Made Agung’s son, The King of Mengwi who holds Cokorda Sakti Blambangan do spiritual discipline called “Tape Rare” then founded Bukit Sari Temple about a 17th century during the peak of Mengwi royal greatness.

Monkeys in Sangeh, Bali

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