The Uniqueness of the Holy Snake Believed from the Hindu Priest Scarves

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Tanah Lot in Bali is famous with a variety of uniqueness. In addition because of his temple that is located in the middle of the ocean and only can be reached when the tide is low there is also another uniqueness of the Holy snake that inhabits one of the caves that exist in Tanah Lot.

There are several cave in this Tanah Lot, but only two caves which became a tourist attraction who visit this Tanah Lot there are freshwater springs cave and also the sacred snack cave. The sacred snake cave is located in front of freshwater springs cave. Two of this attraction is the alternative attraction. It’s Called alternative because if visitors can’t enter into the courtyard of Tanah Lot Temple to see the temple of Tanah Lot because of high tides then they will choose to visit the sacred snake or this freshwater spring.

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The cave which has a width about five meters is very wonderful. Inside of the cave there is a statue with approximately half a meter in height. This statue tangible Ida Pedanda Danghyang Dwijendra is a priest who ever worshiped in the cave. When the tourists go to the Sacred Snake Cave, there will be a guard who wear Hindu traditional clothes. The guard will allow us to hold the sacred snack. In addition tourist can also take a photo when they hold the sacred snake.

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Holy snack in this Tanah Lot temple colored black and white like a Zebra. The local people called the color are “Poleng” because it is the colors that combine between black and white. In addition to the sacred snake, tourists also can visit the freshwater springs cave. There tourists allow by guards to wash his face and hands even tourists can also drink the freshwater springs. Which is amazing is where this freshwater spring appears in the salty sea waves. When tourists drink this freshwater spring, they will not taste salty but they will get the fresh taste. It was said that, if we drink the water from this spring’s while saying a prayer, then their prayer will come true. In addition, many tourists who non-Hindu residents who come to this place, they believe that the water of these springs can cure various diseases and if there are couples who don’t have children drink water from this spring, the wife will be given fertility and will have a baby soon.

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Legend or the origins where the holy snake derived there is According to surrounding community is from Danghyang Niratha’s scarves, the most influential figure in the spread of Hinduism in Bali. It is said that to protect the Tanah Lot Temple that he found, with his power he changed his scarves into snakes which very poisonous. In fact, he says the poison of the snakes is four times more poisonous than cobra. After tourists satisfied to enjoy the beauty of sacred snake cave and freshwater springs cave, tourists can still in Tanah Lot Temple to enjoy the beautiful scenery until sunset because Sunset in Tanah Lot Temple is Very Amazing with the shadow of the Tanah Lot Temple that can add the beautiful view in that place.

sunset 1


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