Visit the Nature Attraction in Teletubbies Hill

Hearing the word of Teletubbies of course many people would imagine a children’s television show. Teletubbies is famous with their house that located under a mound of earth that resembles a green hill which better known as the Teletubbies Hill.

This Teletubbies Hill is located in Kubutambahan Village, Kubutambahan District, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Precisely is about 1.5 kilometers to the east of the Kubutambahan junction. This Teletubbies Hill isn’t located in the road side, but enters into an alley. Not so far, it is about 700 meters from the alley to the Teletubbies Hill.

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More recently, it opened a new tourist attraction in northern of Bali precisely in the Kubutambahan Village. This attraction which is in the form of natural attraction is nuanced of green hills. There are many humps of land covered by green grass resembles a small hill. Local people in Kubutambahan Village called the place as Teletubbies Hill attraction.

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This Place is named Teletubbies Hill isn’t because there are Teletubbies there, but the hill like Teletubbies Hill. Teletubbies Hill Attraction is nature attractions like a green small hill because this green hill is resembles a green hill where Teletubbies stays so the place called Teletubbies Hill. Teletubbies Hill is a famous tourist attraction because of its beauty as well as this Teletubbies Hill. When the tourists arrive in Teletubbies Hill, they will see the expanse of green hills because overgrown by millions of grass on each side of the hills there.

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Because the location of this Teletubbies Hill in the plains was a little high so tourists can see the sea directly from the Teletubbies Hill. This is can add the exotic of natural landscapes that exist in this attraction. The natural beauty which is becomes the paradise for people who love to selfie or take many of photos with their friends. Taking pictures against the background of beautiful scenery will make your photos are more interesting.

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This place is very beautiful and tourists can visit this place with their family or their friends. Tourists can sightseeing while take many photos to spend their holiday. By visiting this place, tourists can also enjoy the fresh air and the beautiful ocean views that can make the tourists experience become unforgettable.

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