Explore the Underwater Life which Still Natural

Tulamben Marine Park is one of the attractions that make Bali is famous for its underwater attraction. Tulamben is famous for its diving spots because besides underwater scenery like coral and fish, there is also the sunken wreck (wreck point).

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Tulamben Marine Park Tourism Attraction is the underwater attraction that located in Tulamben Village, Kubu District, Karangasem Regency, and the distance is about 200 kilometers to the northeast of Denpasar City or it is approximately 60 km from Amlapura, the capital city of Karangasem Regency. On the east of Tulamben is the Lombok Strait which as a dive place and on the west there is Mount Agung.

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To do diving in Tulamben Marine Park Attraction is needed good stamina or good physical and is recommended between 07.30 a.m. until 10.00 a.m. This will affect the visibility for diving in Tulamben ranging from 25 to 30 meters. When passing that hour so the visibility is only a maximum of 10 meters. All the activities diving in Tulamben began in Puri Madha (entry point) because the waves at this location are very small and also close to the existence of shipwrecks which is only about 15 meters.

The existence of the wreck makes icons Marine Park Attractions Tulamben Karangasem. According to historical records, the wreck is owned American Liberty ship which torpedoed by Japanese forces when World War II. At that time the ship was transporting food ingredients from Singaraja to Denpasar. The ship sank in January 1942 and a longitudinal length of 120 meters on the seabed and was filled with marine plants.

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In addition to seeing the wreck, also can see a wide range sea fish such as jack fish, neon, the sunfish, roditence, stringray, gorgonian, sea fans, and fish sized 2 meters, as napoleon (Cheilinus undulatus).

tulamben 21.jpg
The other view after wreck point is drop off point which the distance only 10 meters from the shoreline or from the wreck is about 20 meters. At this point there are views of the sea floor that looks like a steep cliff with a depth of about 70 meters and on the cliff walls there are various shapes of coral reefs and some sea bushes.

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