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Taman Nusa is a cultural tourist park that provides a thorough knowledge about cultures of various Indonesia ethnic in the natural atmosphere of Bali Island. Taman Nusa mission is to make the cultural park as a means of preservation, recreation, and didactic for both local and foreign visitors to better understand about Indonesian culture in a way that is interesting and interactive.

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Taman Nusa Bali is located at Taman Bali Street, Banjar of Blahpane Kelod, Sidan Village, Gianyar District, Gianyar Regency, Bali. The existence of Taman Nusa in Gianyar Regency has an important position in the map of tourism in Bali. This place provides a miniature custom home building which exists, from all provinces in Indonesia. Taman Nusa is located on a land area of 15 hectares. There are at least 60 pieces of traditional houses from all corners of the archipelago can be found in this tourist attraction there are about 60 custom homes from 33 provinces. Taman Nusa attraction in Gianyar Regency has become the most different recreation place in Bali. In the area of 15 hectares, visitors have the opportunity to explore and enjoy the panorama of Indonesian nation journey time, starting from prehistoric times, the Bronze Age, the kingdom era until the culture village of Indonesia. The journey continues into the early days of Indonesia, the independence era, the present, and finally until in the hope of Indonesia in the future.

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In Taman Nusa Gianyar, visitors also can enjoy the prehistoric caves in the era of primitive life, then The Bronze Age, a replica of the legendary Borobudur temple which is made similar with its original form in Magelang, a replica of the famous statue of Gajah Mada with its Palapa oath, Culture Museum, Batik Museum, Puppet Museum, a research center of culture, library, art galleries and auditoriums. This park is almost similar to the Taman Mini in Jakarta. Tour in Bali and visit the Taman Nusa in Gianyar Regency provide education and understanding of the diversity of cultural heritage.

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Development of Taman Nusa Gianyar was initiated by Santosa Senangsyah, this cultural park besides expected to become a tourist attraction in Bali which worth visiting also provide educational elements, which can present a thorough knowledge about the various cultures in the archipelago with a natural blend of Bali, and has a strong traditional culture and strong character, can be said also this park as a means of cultural preservation which constantly eroded by the transition era, development concepts start marginalized traditionally.

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Taman Nusa Gianyar is presented in concept and style that is interesting and interactive, so visitors get satisfaction while in the region. If tourists visit this attraction in Bali, tourists can go around as much, go in, and enjoy the atmosphere every custom home in Taman Nusa. At certain times are presented regional dances in accordance the origin of the custom house, the surrounding scenery is also no less beautiful.

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Development of this tourist attraction has the concept of cultural unification with nature, with a high river cliff, visitors can walk along while looking at the beautiful nature and fertile with the traditional feel of the various culture of archipelago, rice fields and rivers are still beautiful.

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