Visiting the Beach which has a Million Beauty

Different with other beaches in Bali, Balangan Beach is a beach that the location is far from downtown and congestion in the road. This is what makes this beach be the choice of tourists who want to find peace when relaxing in the beach. For go to the Balangan beach, tourists will take the time approximately 40 minutes from Ngurah Rai airport. Balangan beach is located in Ungasan Village, Jimbaran Urban Village, South Kuta District, Bali.

balangan 3

This beach is facing toward to the north with a distance is about few kilometers from Dreamland beach. Ngurah Rai airport activities can visible from the distance, if tourists standing on the beach shore. They can also see the atmosphere of the fishermen on the Kedonganan beach when loading and unloading the catch of fish in the morning from the shore. Besides seeing view of the airport, tourists can also see the beauty of the Dreamland beach if they stand above the coastal cliffs. Balangan Beach is a beach that has clean white sand which many visited by tourists.
Besides the enchanting beauty of unspoiled beaches, Balangan beach also became a favorite location of the world class surfers. This is supported by the high, long and large waves. This beach is perfect for surfers who like a challenge. Some supporting facilities for this attraction has a lot of built around the coast. Visitors can rest peacefully while sunbathing enjoys the sun during the day. Visitors can rent a long chair owned inn at the local locations.

balangan 19
If Tourists feel hungry and thirsty, they can come to a cafe which is managed by local communities. The menus offered are very varied. Tourists can also do many activities such as swimming in Balangan Beach, take a picture, relaxation, and enjoy the beautiful beach view with the sunset view in the evening.

Balangan 26
Hidden in the southern part of Bali Island, the beach is located in Pecatu region which is located between two steep cliffs. In this beach is already there are stairs to get to the beaches which has white sand so that the access is quite easy. Balangan beach with a long coastline of approximately 1 km is facing north. In the west, the coast is limited by high cliffs which are full of plants, especially palm trees, but it also contained a kind of cottage to enjoy the beach from a height. The most interesting is when the sea condition is receding because tourists can walked to the Dreamland Beach by continuing to walk towards the west.

balangan 18
Swimming and surfing are an activity that seems to be the main attraction in Balangan Beach but because this beach is located in the southern part of Bali which the waves are big enough, tourists should always be alert, but besides that also no lifeguard on duty at these beaches, like Kuta Beach. Although The Balangan Beach is the hidden beach, but the facilities and the accommodation that available are quite a lot. There are many cafes and inns around the beach. Balangan beach is the interesting to swim, surf, and relax, especially for tourists who don’t like the crowded beaches.

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