Mysterious and Creepy Place in Bali

Bali is the most popular tourist attractions by local and foreign tourists. However, behind the beauty of the natural charm in Bali it is also there are some places that are very haunted and has a mystical story in it. That is why Bali is also called the island that holds many mystical aura and superstition that you can believe it or not.

There are mysterious and creepy places in Bali:

Taman Festival
This one place is a mysterious place that located in Bali. The location of Taman Festival is Padang Galak Street, Banjar of Kedaton, Bali. To go to the Taman Festival it only takes about 7 minutes by drive a car that continues to the north from Sanur Beach. This building was neglected and have been destroyed and is often referred to as a ghost town and even become crocodile nest.

Taman Festival
Bounty Beach Club Bungalows
Bounty Beach Club Bungalows is one of the haunted places in Bali. This place is located in the southwest of Gili Meno Beach and the way to reach this place only by use Ferry, boat, or plane from Bali Island. Buildings of this place seem dormant after its owner died unexpectedly and isn’t known after the Bali bombing terrorist incident in 2002.


The Aircraft in the South of Kuta
The aircraft in south of Kuta is also becoming one of the mysterious and haunted places in Bali that located in South Kuta, along South Nusa Dua Street which can be reached by spend the time only 5 minutes if using a car or about 40 minute if walking from Pandawa Beach.


Temple under the Sea
This underwater temple is located in the coastal village of Pemuteran. This place is considered as mysterious and haunted place due to the water near the temple so turbid. This temple was first found by the people of Australia who named Chris Brown in 2005.


The Hotel that wasn’t completed
This hotel that wasn’t completed also became a mysterious and haunted place in Bali. In the past time, this place is a project of the second President of Indonesia’s son, his name Tommy Suharto which abruptly stopped since the Bali bombing in 2002. The hotel is located in Bedugul and only requires a travel time of about one and a half hours to arrive at that place.

Hotel Istana Berhantu bali
Shipwreck on the Seabed
This mysterious place in Bali can be found in Tulamben Beach which requires the time about 2 hours by drive a car if from Kuta. This ship is actually owned by United States, The USAT Liberty, and finally suffered the incident of weapon bombardment by Japanese forces during World War 2 in 1942.

bangkai kapal


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