Some Traditional Food Typical of Bali

Bali is one favorite destination of tourists, both domestic and foreign. In addition the tourist attractions that’s very interesting, Bali also famous with its traditional food that very tasty. Many cafes and restaurants are serves traditional Balinese food. Many tourists love this Balinese food because it has a unique taste.

The Balinese traditional foods are:

Bebek Betutu
That said this betutu duck that derived from Kuta, Bali is a favorite food of the kings in Bali. To cook a betutu duck is quite unique there are the duck meat that has been seasoned must be pressed in advance. Because with pressed the duck meat can make it will be tender duck meat and the seasoning seep until the bone. The duck meat that has been pressed and then wrapped in banana leaves or areca nut leaves and roasted in the husk fire. Betutu duck cooking process takes many hours so betutu duck only cooked when there are custom events or religious ceremonies. Besides betutu duck, there is also betutu chicken. The difference of the two is only from the meat. One of the manufacturers’ betutu is Melinggih Village, Payangan District, Gianyar Regency, Bali.

bebek-betutu bali

Babi Guling
Babi Guling or usually in Bali called “be guling” made of piglets that the stomach is filled with herbs and vegetables, such as cassava leaves, then baked while rolling until cooked. At first, babi guling is used for ceremonial or religious offerings. But now Babi Guling can be found easily in a variety of restaurants, cafes, and hotels in Bali. The most famous Babi Guling comes from Gianyar Regency.

babi guling
Bubur Mangguh
Bubur Mangguh is porridge that typical of North Bali (Buleleng) are often served during traditional ceremonies. Bubur Mangguh made from rice and coconut milk that served with shredded chicken are seasoned then doused with condensed chicken broth and vegetables served separately. The taste is very complete, a mix of savory and a little spicy with crunchy urap vegetables.

bubur mangguh bali
Serombotan is a typical vegetable from Klungkung Regency, Bali in the form of fresh vegetables such as swamp cabbage, long beans, and cabbage that flavored called Kalas. Kalas is coconut milk given mashed turmeric, galangal, onion, garlic, coriander, and a little kencur then cooked until thick. This Kalas that became characterizes of serombotan. This Serombotan it should be served with peanut sauce and spicy sauce mixed until evenly distributed.

Jinggo Rice
Jinggo rice is Balinese food in the form of white rice served and wrapped in a banana leaves with side dishes and chili sauce. The rice served with side dishes that usually fried sauce, fried tempe, serundeng, and shreded chicken. The history of Jinggo rice started since in 1980. According to the seller, Jinggo rice for the first sold in Gajah Mada Street. This Jinggo rice is same like cat rice typical of angkringan in Central Java.

nasi jinggo
Lawar is a food in the form of a mixture of boiled vegetables, roasted coconut, and minced meats are seasoned. Meat that used is beef, pig, chicken, duck, and turtle. While the vegetables that used are young jackfruit, papaya, jarak leaves, and nuts. There are several of lawar there are white lawar and red lawar. Red lawar is lawar that use a mixture of blood from the meat that used. There are also lawar that named according to the kind of meat or vegetables are used, such as pig lawar and jackfruit lawar.

lawar 2
Sate Plecing
Sate Plecing in Bali there is used chicken meat, pig meat, or marine fish. The uniqueness of sate plecing is generally served with peanut sauce, and then sate plecing served with plecing seasoning. Plecing is a typical Indonesian food from Lombok and Bali. Plecing is a tomato sauce made from cayenne pepper, salt, shrimp paste, tomatoes, and sometimes given droplets of lime.

sate plecing
Sate Lilit
Sate lilit is made from mashed fish and then given flour and Balinese spices. Sate lilit made by wrapping the fish meat on stalks lemongrass. The taste is very distinctive, combined between spicy, fragrant, sweet, and savory with the scents of stalks lemongrass. Not just delicious, sate lilit was healthy because it is low fat.

sate lilit
Tum Ayam
Tum ayam is a traditional Balinese food which is the manner of manufactures same like pepes. There is chopped chicken meat flavored with various spices and coconut milk, then wrapped in banana leaves and steamed.

Tum Ayam (Minced Chicken in Banana Leaf)
Tum Ayam (Minced Chicken in Banana Leaf)

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