Gala-Gala Underground House, Paradise for Finding Peace of Mind

Besides the beauty of the beach and the sea, Nusa Lembongan Island turned out has culture tourist attraction that is quite unique. On the south of this island, there is an underground cave made by human hands. The local people called this place as Gala-Gala Underground House. The artificial cave it was ever became a house at the same time became the hermitage place of the manufacturer.

Gala-Gala Underground House is a relic of a Hindu ascetic, his name is Made Byasa. He was a farmer, a dancer, as well as the mastermind who pursue the Hindu teachings in depth of the puppet stories that he brings. One of the stories that inspired is Mahabrata, especially in the part when Pandawa’s family secludes himself to the forest after losing a gamble with Kurawa. In his seclude, they build a hideout cave that called Gala-Gala.

gala 1

gala 11
From the story of Pandawa, Made Byasa then made an underground passage which branched of 500 square meters. The manufacturing process started in 1961, when he was 75 years. By only using equipment such as a hammer and chisel, Made Byasa finalizes his underground house alone within 15 years. The mastermind was lived and meditated in its house until he died in 1984.

gala 9
Gala-Gala that made by Made Byasa in the form of branched hallways with the entrance in the southwestern tip. Through the entrance, then going down the road about 3 meters then enter the hall as high as approximately 150 centimeters. On the north side of the entrance, there are spaces with two floors. The downstairs is a well while in the top is a meditation room. In the east, there is a living room that is equipped with tables and stone chairs which is circular and kitchen. While, in the north side of these two spaces, there are a bedroom and the hallway toward to the exit on the northeast side.

gala 3
This underground house it feels so quiet, so become the right place to appease hearts and minds. No wonder if some tourists have been ever stayed in this underground house. According to one of heirs of Made Byasa in 1990s, there was once a tourist from Australia who stayed in this underground house for a week. In addition, there are also tourist from Russia and Japan who have been ever feeling the experience staying in this silent underground house.

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