Bali Travels to Visit Lake with Historical Temple in the middle

Talk about Bali, many tourist attractions that can be visited in Bali. Besides famous with its beach attractions, there are also adventure tours to the mountain, rafting, cycling, water sport, and many more. Not only about that attractions that can be enjoyed, but tourist also can enjoy and spend their holiday time at the lakes in Bali which also has the extraordinary beauty of the other tourist attractions. One of the famous lakes in Bali, there is Beratan Lake.

beratan 11
Beratan Lake is one of the favorite tourist attractions in Bali that located in Candikuning Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency, Bali. Because of the location of Beratan Lake is located in Bedugul area, sometimes many people called it by the name of Bedugul Lake. Bedugul itself is the name of a small city and also resort in the highlands of Bali that located in the crater of a volcano that inactive and this location has long been a weekend resting place of Bali residents.

beratan 17
Beratan Lake becomes very strategic and special and also easy to visit because it is located on the road that connecting Denpasar and Singaraja. So many foreign and local tourists who make this location as a transit place or indeed want to enjoy the beauty of nature in Bedugul tourist area. Beratan Lake attractions can be reached about 50 kilometers from Denpasar City or it is about 70 kilometers from Kuta Beach. Along the way to Beratan, your eyes will be spoiled by the natural beauty of mountains, vegetable garden scenery, and a beautiful valley.

beratan 20
Beratan Lake has an area of 1607.5 ha (second largest lake after Batur Lake) with a depth of up to 23 meters. Beratan Lake is located at an altitude of 1239 meters above sea level with temperatures between 17 – 25 degrees Celsius. This nature attraction is famous with cold temperature. The natural beauty of mountain that has a background of Beratan Lake is can fresh the eye.

beratan 15
The uniqueness of Beratan Lake is a temple that stands in the middle of the lake which is one of the historical heritages. Temple that named Ulun Danu is very typical and has a characteristic of Bali. This temple is a place of worship to Sang Hyang Dewi Danu as the giver of fertility. This temple that believed as a sacred place and often done unique and sacred activities has a terraced roof. There are has 7 levels, 11 levels, and also only has 3 levels. The terraced roof as a symbol of 3 God that believed by Hindu community in Bali. 11 levels symbolize Lord Vishnu, 7 levels symbolize Lord Brahma, and 3 levels symbolize Lord Shiva.

Ulun Danu Temple 12.jpg
In the left of the front yard of Ulun Danu Temple there is a sarcophagus and a stone board that is estimated exist since megalithic tradition era around 500 before century. Temples and Buddhist temple building in Bedugul is the building in the past and it can be said old fashioned, but physically still clean and neat because it is maintained regularly.

beratan 25.jpg
Visitors can enjoy the beauty of Beratan Lake by using traditional boats and motor boats to surround the lake. A beautiful location which is equipped with elements of history is very suitable as a pre-wedding photo shoots that featuring the exotic side. Many couples use Beratan Lake location to take pictures.

beratan 23
For those who like a challenge, they can do water sport activities such as Parasailing, Banana Boat, or Jet Ski. Tourists also can fishing while enjoy the beauty of Beratan Lake. There are some people who opened the stand rental fishing equipment. Bedugul also can be a place to stay that quiet and romantic. Besides Bedugul use as a tourist attraction, Beratan Lake also be used as a source of water for irrigation by the surrounding community. It is natural beauty which has various benefits.


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