10 Spectacular Balinese Dances

Talking about Bali will never ending to be discussed both in terms of its nature, culture, and culinary. In terms of nature, Bali has hundreds of famous tourist attraction until foreign countries, such as, Kuta Beach, Dreamland Beach, Bedugul, and Jatiluwih. In the term of culture, Bali has a hereditary tradition and still survive until now there are the cremation ceremony or Ngaben and Ogoh-Ogoh Attraction that is the most unique.
If viewed in terms of culinary, Bali has a typical food there are Betutu Chicken, Betutu Duck, Pork roll, and Serombotan. So what if seen from their art, especially the Balinese Art? What are the famous dances in Bali?

There are 10 spectacular Balinese Dance

1. Pendet Dance

Pendet is a Balinese dance performance which was originally a worship dance. This dance which created by I Wayan Rindi and Ni Ketut Reneng in 1950 is symbolizes welcome on the decline of the gods into the world. However, over the development period, the dance creators turn it into a welcome dance in 1967.

2. Legong Dance

legong dance
Legong Dance is a Balinese Dance with dance movement which is bound by accompanying with Gamelan, there is Semar Pagulingan Gamelan. Dances are always equipped with a fan as tool was originally developed in Bali Palaces in the 19thsecond half century.

3. Kecak Dance

Kecak dance was created in 1930s and it is a dance that mostly danced by men. This Balinese Dance describes about rows of monkeys that helping Rama fight with Ravana. The dancer sit in the circle is wearing a plaid cloth like a chessboard around their waists as a troop of monkeys. Because the story is taken from Ramayana Story then there are other dancers who play as Rama, Shinta, Ravana, Hanuman, and Sugriwa.

4. Barong Dance

Barong Dance is a dance that describe about the fighting between good and evil. Manifestation of virtue played by Barong (dancer with costume of quadruped while the manifestation of evil played by Rangda (sinister figure with two pointy fangs in his mouth). There are several types of Barong Dance there are Barong Ket, Barong Bangkal (pig), Barong Gajah, Barong Asu (dog), Barong Brutuk, and Barong-Barong an. Barong dance has a special thing that located on the elements of comedy and mythological that form about performing arts.

5. Rejang Dance

Rejang dance is a type of dance performance that danced in mass and sacred so danced by girls who are still sacred, even often performed by a little girl age of six years old. The dancer led by a stakeholder who danced at the front. The dancers dance while holding piece of thread that brought by stakeholders. The accompaniments of gamelan are using Semar Pagulingan Gamelan.

6. Baris Dance

Baris dance is a sacred dance as a complement in a religious ceremony. Baris dance is a heroic dance to prove the maturity of someone in physical terms. The maturity of a man is evidenced by demonstrated proficiency in soldiering which is usually accompanied by proficiency in playing the weapons of war. There are two types of dance there are Baris Tunggal and Baris Tombak.

7. Sanghyang Dance

Sanghyang Dance is a sacred dance that serves as a complement of ceremony to drive away the disease outbreaks in a village or an area. There is one thing that is very interesting in this art, there is the players will trance at the time of staging. In situation like this, they will dance, sometimes on hot coals and then around the village to drive away the disease outbreaks, this dance usually performed in the evening until midnight. There are several kinds of Sanghyang Dance there are Sanghyang Dedari, Sanghyang Dewa, Sanghyang Deling, Sanghyang Dangkluk, Sanghyang Penyalin, Sanghyang Celeng (wild boar), Sanghyang Memedi, Sanghyang Bungbung, Sanghyang Kidang, Sanghyang Janger, Sangyang Sengkrong, and Sanghyang Jaran.

8. Janger Dance

Janger Dance is a Balinese social dance which was created in the 1930s. Dance with simple movements but cheerful and excited is performed by 10 dancer in pairs, there are women group for Janger and man group for Kecak. They dance while singing a Janger song by shouted.

9. Topeng Dance

Topeng Dance is a dance that played by dancers wearing masks. This dance is usually performed by a single dancer or a group of male dancers in the big ceremony. Topeng dance is divided into two dances there are Topeng Pajegan Dance and Topeng Wali Dance. Topeng Pajegan Dance is a sacred dance that danced when there are certain ceremonies. Meanwhile, Topeng Wali dance is a dance to entertain and usually tells about old stories of Balinese Traditional Kingdoms.

10. Panyembrama Dance

Dance which created by the artist and his name is I Nyoman Kaler is a welcoming guests dance, which is usually a special guest. This dance is performed by female dancers in groups. This dance movement describes about the friendliness and respect. It was described at the time the flowers were sown by dancer that symbolizes expression of welcome to the guests with movement full of warmth, joy, and respect.


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