Know about Village that has Million Uniqueness

Bali is one of the world’s tourist destinations that offer many facilities of international standard are equipped with culture and customs are still preserved until this time. Of all the tourist destinations in Bali, Penglipuran Village is a tourist village that located in Kubu Village, Bangli Regency. Penglipuran Village has a cool weather because it is located in the highland with an area of the village is about 112 hectares. It can be reached for 2 hours or approximately about 55 kilometers by motor vehicle from Ngurah Rai International Airport.

From the first time we entered the village, the uniqueness began to be felt along the way. There tourists can see dozens of traditional houses in a row neatly, the street also looks clean and no rubbish which is usually found in other villages. Beautiful conditions and atmosphere like this because Penglipuran community still upholds the customs or awig awig inherited by their ancestors. Only in this village tourists can find original Balinese house. All the front of the house has the same shape and made of the same materials, such as the walls made of soil and roofs made of bamboo. Preservation is maintained until this time in the middle of science and technology, even the lives of community who have been touched by modern life.

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Residents were also having been higher education as other citizens in this province, but still maintaining its existence as village that has a traditional house in Bali.
Some awig awig or rules that exist in the Penglipuran Village:

– Not to be polygamous, although it could be fair, if this is until infringed it will be ostracized.
– Prohibition of taking out the trash or anything in public areas, they have own rubbish basket in own their house, so in the side of the road there is no garbage bins.
– Prohibition put a clothesline in front of the house.
– Funeral for the dead is divided into three areas. There is area for children aged 12 years or less, the area of the normal deceased and the area of people who died weren’t normal like suicide, killed or accident.
– There is a holy sacrifice by slaughtering one cow, every people dies.
– Rules should not be out of the house at 9 pm to 5 am.

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Impressed by the unique, beautiful with a fusion of cultures, dances, and nature, making Penglipuran Village as a tourist attraction many visited by many tourists especially from local tourists, formerly managed by indigenous, but now it has been managed by the citizens in a professional, as a destination of travelers in Bali, so that tourists can enjoy the atmosphere, Penglipuran Village’s nature and culture. There are also prepared accommodation such as villa that can be rented in this region.

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