Let’s Visit Hot Springs with a Million Excess

Hello Travelers, Have you ever come to Bali before? If you never come to Bali, come on, let’s come to Bali and explore its natural beauty. If tourists spend holidays in Bali and need privacy in enclosed booths to relax and enjoy the hot water without any interference from outside, the answer is Angseri Hot Springs.

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Angseri Hot Springs is located among lush rice fields and river, precisely in Banjar Munduk Lumbang, Angseri Village, Baturiti District, Tabanan Regency. The place it used only as a traditional bathhouse of local people, but now is transformed into a comfortable bathing area. Travelers who vacation in Bali can come to Angseri Hot Springs and you can enjoy the warmth of the hot water pool.

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Tourists can reach Angseri Hot Springs tourist attraction approximately 2 hours from Denpasar City pass through the main road to Bedugul. If tourists feel a little confused by the location of Angseri Hot Springs, tourists can ask to the surrounding community that might help travelers to get to that location. Closer with the location, tourists will see the black and white board labeled “Hot Water”. This whole area is surrounded by green vegetation, especially bamboo, coconut and fern trees, and also rice fields, where tourists sometimes can see the local farmers doing their work in the fields.

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Angseri Hot Water offers 2 large outdoor pools and 4 private booths, with a room that can accommodate up to 6 people. These private booths cleaned after each use by visitors and the water is also refilled. The whole place is a few years old and it cleanliness look very good at all. In the afternoon, open pools have been emptied and cleaned for the next day. So make sure you’ve got nothing more than lunch time to be able to use this pool.

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This place is also equipped with a canteen which sells food and drinks typical of Bali, such as tipat cantok and coconut ice. So, after tourists enjoying the hot water, they can enjoy the meals at canteen. Angseri Hot Springs is a potential place as a tourist destination in Bali because this place is very unique with the hot water and surrounded by green vegetation around it. This place is many visited by local and foreign tourists who want to soak in the hot water while enjoying the natural atmosphere in the surrounding environment.

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