Unique Rice Field Irrigation System in Bali

The term of Subak only known in Bali which specifically regulate the irrigation system or rice field irrigation are used by farmers in rice cultivation. This term is already known among local and foreign tourists, although during visit to tourist attractions, most of them just admire the natural scenery with a stretch of rice field terraces (rice terrace), see farmers at harvest, rarely know in detail, how the process of seeding, tillage process, when started farming, irrigation systems, religious ceremony procession at Ulun Carik Temple or commonly called Bedugul Temple (not in Bedugul – Tabanan attractions) until they are harvest.

subak 18
This procedure for irrigation in Bali has become a tradition passed down from generation to generation. Every citizen who has cultivation paddy land must obey the rules that have been agreed. The processing until harvest time, many are still using traditional methods, for tourists it would be unique and interesting something and deserve to know about their attractions, in addition add with the beautiful scenery and many activities of traditional farmers that can make it become something that deserves to be enjoyed and visited as you can see in Tegalalang rice field terraces and Jatiluwih area.

subak 22
So the other thing that is interesting when see a beautiful panorama of rice fields, as well as Subak in Bali that invite tourists closer about watering and irrigation tradition traditionally, more familiar with the noble cultural values of the locals. Because of the interesting things when viewing the expanse of rice fields, not just a beautiful and interesting view of the rice terraces, but how Bali society to live a life of farming. This would be an interesting experience regarding the historical value which exists behind a beautiful panorama. Subak is a traditional Balinese organization which is the ancestral cultural heritage that should be preserved, with the development of increasingly sophisticated technology, in so that Subak isn’t to lose the spirit and the identity.

subak 4
If tourists interested in the existence of Subak in Bali, tourists can try visit to a number of Subak in Bali such as Soka Village, Selemadeg District, Tabanan Regency then to the Jatiluwih Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency which famous with Jatiluwih terraces attraction. Tabanan Regency has the most number of Subak compared with other districts. Tabanan also has the most extensive rice fields in Bali, so Tabanan was called Rice Barn of Bali Island. So, In Tabanan established Subak Museum that located in Sanggulan Village, Kediri District, Tabanan Regency, it is about 20 kilometers from west of Denpasar City.

subak 14
Indeed Subak has exceptional cultural value, which can still be shown the evidence as a cultural of life that followed by indigenous peoples in Bali, so on June 29, 2012, The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) in St. Petersburg, Russia 36th session endorsed the Subak culture of Bali as part of World Heritage. For tourists who want to see the views of beautiful rice fields including Subak activities in Bali like Tegalalang, Jatiluwih, Pantunan Valley, Pupuan, Busung Biu, and Tirta Gangga. Tourists will get different experience that will make happy, fun, and satisfied.

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