How Amazing Virgin Beach in East Bali

One potential of new tourism in East part of Bali is Bias Putih beach which imaginatively named Pasir Putih Beach or White Sand Beach is one of the places that really have to visit to spend your holiday in Bali. There aren’t hotels, shops, some quiet street vendors that will leave you alone if you want to come to stalls which sell delicious seafood and many more. This place is very suitable for relaxation and enjoyment.

bias 7
This is one of the most beautiful beaches in Bali. Bias Putih beach is located between Candidasa attraction and Amlapura City. The entrance to the beach is also hidden, except when you get specific information. One kilometer or more after Bugbug village, Karangasem Regency, you will see a small board that reads “Virgin Beach”. Then there are still one or two kilometers towards to the beach through lush villages and beautiful small temples to enter this area. This beach is a local treasure and local communities need to develop the best.

bias 9
White sand leads to the bright blue sea. White umbrellas with the atmosphere of a tropical paradise wait the guests. Luxurious hotels on the east of the beach make this beach as a place to hold special events for their guests, complete with lunch picnic and cold drinks. There are no hotels that damage the peaceful atmosphere of the beach along 500 meters of the coastline.

bias 25.jpg

Clean blue waters and palm trees that providing shade and a lovely atmosphere. At the southern end, there are Jukung or traditional Balinese fisherman boat show that the beach is still a beach that isn’t used entirely for tourism, but it is still used for fishermen to work, but the tourists still enjoy their best moment in this place.

bias 8
Some simple stalls (small local restaurant) thatched roofs offers soft drinks and cold beer. Tourists also can eat fresh fish or fresh shrimp served with rice and vegetables or maybe a salad. There are also served simple dishes that available, such as fried rice, cap-cay, all prepared carefully. Sightseeing along the beach, then spend for a long time in this beach while relaxing with a satisfying meal will make your experience during vacation in Bali really fun and becomes an unforgettable experience.

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