Uniqueness of Exclusive Natural Hot Spring Resort

Holiday in Bali is very identical with vacation to the beach, especially Kuta Beach and Pandawa Beach. For those who often vacation in Bali to visit the beach it seems many tourists will look for alternative tourist attractions other than the beach. Bali Island has many tourist attractions besides the beach, such as Beratan Lake, Waterfalls, Rice Terraces in Tabanan which famous with the name of Jatiluwih rice terraces, and Hot Springs in Bali.

Bali Island has many hot springs and hot water sources that come from mountain areas of the volcano. Probably most of the tourists know about the benefits of natural hot water from the mountains because the hot water contains minerals such as sulfur so it is very good for health and the rejuvenation of skin, accelerating the disappearance of bruises. Besides that hot water of the mountain can help the recovery of rheumatic and relaxation.

One of the famous hot springs in Bali and often visited by tourists is Penatahan Hot Spring. Penatahan hot spring is located in the bank of Yeh Ho River, that located in Penatahan Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency. Among the local people, this hot spring is more familiar with the name of “Yeh Panes”.


Besides famous with its hot spring attraction, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency is also famous for Butterfly Park tourist attraction. It is easy to find the location of ESPA Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring Resort because there are many directions to get to the location.

penatahan 8
There are many famous tourist attractions in Bali which included in Tabanan Regency, such as Beratan Lake Bedugul, Bedugul Botanical Garden, Tanah Lot Temple, and many more. If tourists depart from Bedugul Beratan Lake to get to the location of Penatahan Hot Water will pass through the distance of approximately 38 kilometers it takes about 1 hour 10 minutes.

penatahan 14
If Toya Bungkah Kintamani Hot Spring has a view of the lake shore, Penatahan Hot Spring has a fascination view of fields and forests are still unexploited. The air around Penatahan Hot Spring area is very cool because it is located in mountain areas. This Hot Spring source comes from a temple that located in the area of hot spring and the name of the temple is Yeh Panes Temple. The uniqueness of Penatahan Hot Spring, Penebel, Tabanan, besides has a beautiful view of rice fields and shady trees, the design of this hot spring is also very unique because it has a concept like SPA with private pool. There are eight private pools, four pools at the top and four pools at the bottom.

penatahan 11
For every private pool, there is provided a table that can be used to put the belongings and in the corner of the private pool there is hot water showerheads. For four private pools of hot water at the bottom, there is the separation wall and without a roof. While four private pools at the top of the wall surrounded by bamboo. To go to the public bathing pool, visitors will pass through a path that is neatly with green garden suburbs.

penatahan 6
There are three common pools in ESPA Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring Resort, there are:
For the first pool closest to the river bank is the smallest pool with cool water temperature and surrounded by large rocks. This pool is preferred if the visitors want to soak while seeing a river view.
For the second pool, bigger than the first pool with the hot water temperature, there is a bamboo shower in a second pool with the water temperature around 38-40 degrees Celsius.
For the third pool is a pool of the most top location and has the largest area of all pools with water temperatures warm enough. The depth of the pool is about one meter and more often used by children.

ESPA Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring Resort is open start from 07:00 a.m. to 08:00 p.m. If tourists want to look for a hot spring in Bali that can make relax and satisfied, the ESPA Yeh Panes Natural Hot Spring Resort that must be visit while spend holiday in Bali.


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