Bali Travels, Let’s Swim in Unique Green Bowl

For those who often vacation in Bali, Of course have been frequently visit Kuta Beach in Bali and Pandawa Beach. Because of Kuta Beach and Pandawa Beach are so crowded with many visitors, its make many visitors looking for some peace and quiet place and choose an alternative other beaches in Bali are quieter. That become a question for tourists, where is the beautiful hidden beach in Bali are still quiet and has amazing view with its white sand?

bowl 21
Tourists will see one of beautiful hidden beaches in Bali with the name of Green Bowl Beach Bali. Green Bowl Beach is located in Ungasan Village, District of South Kuta, Badung Regency, Bali. Among the local people, this beach is more familiar with the name of Bali Cliff Beach. Because above the cliff of Green Bowl Beach, there is a hotel and the name of the hotel is Bali Cliff. There is also giving the name of the beach with the name of Ungasan Hidden Beach, because its location and its existence are still hidden or unestablished like the other beaches in Bali. Then why now this beach called by the name of Green Bowl Beach? Of Course this is become a question for those of you who have never been visit this beach.


The word of Green Bowl it means Mangkok Hijau in Indonesian. Because at the time when the tide is low, so the coral reefs which overgrown with green moss will be formed to resemble a bowl and when seen from the top of the cliff, it is very similar with the shape of green bowl.

bowl 17
On the other side there are also who says that at the past time, will be built a hotel around Green Bowl Beach with the name of the company is PT Green Bowl. The similarity between Pandawa Beach and Ungasan Bali Cliff Beach are caused by Ungasan Bali Cliff Beach located on the west of Pandawa Beach. But Green Bowl Beach hasn’t the shoreline as long as Pandawa Beach. Green Bowl Ungasan Beach is white sand beach in Bali Island which can still be categorized as a beautiful beach which hidden in Bali and still quiet.
Why this beach is still quiet of visitor? Maybe there will be some of tourists think that if Green Bowl Beach is very beautiful but why still quiet of visitor?

bowl 22
Quiet of visitor who comes to Green Bowl Ungasan Beach, due to its location is quiet far from the center of tourist attractions in Southern part of Bali, and many do not know how to reach Green Bowl Beach. If you are on vacation to Pandawa Beach, the distance between the parking areas with the beach is near and the way is flat. It is very different with Green Bowl Ungasan Beach, from the highway to get the beach, tourists have to go down about 300 to 400 stairs.

bowl 15
Then you can imagine if you must come back from Green Bowl Beach to the parking area by climbing the stairs about 300 to 400. This is the main cause that making Green Bowl Beach is quiet of visitor. It is a little difficult to reach Green Bowl Beach, so you should have extra stamina to be going down hundreds of stairs in order to reach the beach. Feeling of tired after walking, it will be paid if tourists have arrived in the coastal area which is still very natural and clean with white sand.

bowl 25
It is not inferior to other beaches around the south of Bali, such as Dreamland Beach or Padang-Padang Beach. Green Bowl Beach which has beautiful coral reefs, the waves are quiet large, and also sea water that is very clean, with a turquoise color.

bowl 6
The shoreline are under a cliff, of course this is very interesting for those of you who love the beautiful beaches and calm atmosphere. Certainly the comfortable and quiet atmosphere will you get if you were on this beach and spend your holiday in this amazing beach for the first time. Most of tourists who love to come to this beach have a purpose for surfing. Many foreign surfers enjoy their hobby in this beach. And for you who spend holiday in this beach, you can enjoy the atmosphere of the beach while seeing surfer show their abilities when conquering the amazing waves in surfing in Green Bowl Beach.

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