Meaning of Existence Gebogan in Bali Hindu Tradition

Gebogan or usually called Pajegan is a form of offerings that is arrangement of fruits, snacks, and flowers which is created and creations by Hindus people in Bali. Fruits and snacks usually innovate with the times, so what we eat is what we offer.


Meaning of Gebogan or Pajegan or philosophy off offerings of gebogan is also be seen from the shape of looming like a mountain, getting up, getting conical (taper), and on the top is also laid the Canang and Sampiyan as a form of sacrifice and devotion to the presence of God the creator of the universe.


Gebogan usually carried by woman or Balinese girls to be presented to the temple when temple ceremonies or other Dewa Yadnya ceremony as a form of gratitude for the blessing that have been given by Ida Sang Hyang Widhi Wasa, God Almighty. High and low of Gebogan or Pajegan is depend on the sincerity and ability of each individual to make Gebogan because the value of Gebogan or Pajegan isn’t measured on the high or low but from the sincerity in showing gratitude and to appreciate the art.

gebogan 7
Gebogan is part of Balinese tradition that must be preserved. This activity is art and beauty should be continued from generation to generation. There are not a few events are held to keep the tradition of making Gebogan.

gebogan 4

Gebogan manufacturing activities has become a popular race held in schools or other institutions. Event in the various Festivals in Bali, it isn’t infrequently race of Gebogan manufacture also performed. The parades of Balinese woman by bringing Gebogan it become its own attraction for tourists in Bali.

gebogan 6gebogan 2


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