Bali Butterfly Park, Traveled with Thousands of Colorful Insects

Many tourists who spend their vacation time by visiting Bali, the island which is famous with its beauty and they want to see directly how amazing the atmosphere in Bali. Bali which is well known has a million beauties always able to attract the attention of tourist want to come to Bali. Most of the tourists really love the holiday by spending time in the beach, such as sunbathing while reading a book, surfing, and enjoying the sunset in the evening. Not only the beauty of the beach that owned by Bali, but Bali also provides wonderful tourist attraction, that is Park with thousands of colorful Insects are very amazing and make the tourists surprised when visit the place. The park is called Bali Butterfly Park.

kupu 17

This butterfly park is located in Batukaru Street, Banjar of Sandan Lebah, Wanasari Village, Tabanan Regency. Precisely it is about 6 kilometers to the north from the city center. Bali Butterfly Park is open daily start from 08:00 until 17:00. Bali Butterfly Park is a conservation facility of butterflies and insects that displays various types of butterflies on an area of approximately one hectare. This Bali Butterfly Park is also claimed as the largest butterfly park in Asia. Every day in this park, hundreds of colorful butterflies are released.

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In Bali Butterfly Park, tourists aren’t only see the butterflies fly from one flower to another flower to suck nectar, but they can also see endangered species including the most popular is Kupu-Kupu Sayang Burung Surga (Omithoptera Paradisea). This butterfly park is the only one in Indonesia which aims to breed a variety of butterflies and also as the breeding places for the purposes of scientific knowledge as well as the study of education in the future. In this place there are also many collections of scorpions and beetles.

Bali Butterfly Park is the first butterfly park in Indonesia. Even the butterfly park is also become the largest in Asia. This Bali Butterfly Park is located about 7 kilometers from Tabanan city center. And if you are from Denpasar City, you just need to reach the place only about 45 minutes or approximately 32 kilometers. While for those of you who depart from Ngurah Rai International Airport, it takes much longer time, which is about 1 hour with the distance of 45 kilometers. Tourists are not only able to see a variety of beautiful butterflies, but they also can see breeding and captive breeding of various butterflies. Tourists can also take many pictures during the tourist holiday in Bali Butterfly Park.

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One part of the most interesting and very educational if tourists visit the Bali Butterfly Park in Tabanan are tourists can see the various stages of metamorphosis of butterflies from eggs, larvae and pupae, cocoon until it becomes a large butterfly. In this place, visitors can also see a variety of other insects such as beetles and scorpions are placed inside a cave. With the diversity of butterflies in it, so it is no wonder if Bali Butterfly Park is suitable to be used as attraction when spend the holiday with the family especially children.

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After visitors satisfied surround Bali Butterfly Park, visitors are invited to a room that contains a variety of unique and rare insects, such as, leaf insects, scorpions, spiders, and bees that have been dried and exhibited in glass display. Besides a variety of butterflies that live in the park, there is also a collection of butterflies that have been dried are sold for souvenirs.

kupu 25

Many souvenirs and unique handicraft of butterflies and other insects become another attraction. For example, framing butterfly is the frame that contains butterfly, framing beetle is the frame that contains beetles, key chain that made from insects, paperweight that made of translucent fiber containing butterflies, bookmark, painting from butterfly wings, and many more. So for the tourists who want to spend the holiday with family, friends, or with the other, you can come to Bali and visit Bali Butterfly Park. Because in this place, the tourists will get many unforgettable experience that will never get in the other places.

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