Amazing Tourist Attractions in Gianyar

Bali which is known as a paradise for tourists has many several of tourist attractions that can be enjoyed by tourists who come to Bali. Tourists can visit 8 regency in Bali to see the unique tourist attraction that owned by each regency in Bali. One of regencies that have a tourist attraction that still natural is Gianyar Regency.

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Gianyar Regency is one of International and domestic tourist destination that has several of attractions and rich of art, culture, and handicraft where it has become an attraction for tourists. Extensive mountain scenery, the beauty of the beach, and creative arts and crafts which is another aspect of the cultural uniqueness of the Gianyar Regency is also become tourist attraction for visitors.

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Gianyar is the capital city of the regency. This regency has several attractions in the city, this is because in Gianyar city was the center of government at the time of the kingdom until now were then traditional general market large enough is also in this region as well as with the diversity of culinary in the afternoon at the market or night market is very unique, small textile factory where travelers or tourists can see the woven cloth being woven which can be purchased for a meter or sold in the form of clothing, also manufacture beach fabrics are well known become trademark of Gianyar District. Gianyar District has an area about 55.02 kilometers square and consists of 11 villages and 5 urban villages.The livelihood of the population in this region is still dominated by agricultural sector. Here are some places that become amazing tourist attraction in Gianyar Regency:

Ubud District

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Ubud is one of art places in Bali. The place has been known since antiquity, approximately since the 1920s when artists, musician, and the educated people from the west (abroad) came to seek the pleasure of life. Ubud is famous with its paintings, sculptures, handicrafts, gamelan (traditional music) and dance.

Many paintings describe about Bali that you can find in small galleries around Ubud area and you are also can see in the museum, such as Neka Art Museum, Lempad Gallery, Puri Lukisan Museum, and Antonio Blanco Gallery. For Gamelan, traditional music and Balinese dance are also you can find in art galleries like “Sekehe Gong Sadya Budaya” or traditional organization that usually perform abroad such as Europe and Asian countries.

Every week in Ubud staged various traditional art performances such as the dance of Kecak, Legong, Barong, Mahabharata, Ramayana, Wayang Kulit and Gamelan music. In these areas are many luxury hotels, artistic and simple accommodation that can attract the attention of the tourists and Ubud often called as “Tourism Village”.

Blahbatuh District

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Blahbatuh District is in Tourism Region, where its marine tourism is very nice to use for surfing location. Number of tourist attraction that usually visited by foreign tourist and domestic tourists in Blahbatuh District are:
• Goa Gajah,
• Yeh Pulu,
• Darma Durga Kutri Temple,
• Candi Tebing Tegallinggah,
• Saba Beach,
• Cucukan Beach,
• Masceti Beach,
• Selukat Temple,
• Mandala Wisata Samuan Tiga.

Sukawati District

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Sukawati is famous with its art market that sells variety of handicrafts and souvenirs with the reasonable price and good quality. Sukawati is a district in Gianyar Regency. Sukawati is also the name of the village. Actually, native of Sukawati is proficient mask maker especially Barong and Rangda masks as well as artisans leather puppets.
Sukawati District is located in a strategic trajectory of Badung Regency towards to the east until the Karangasem Regency. The impact of the geographical create districts with 12 villages have the opportunity to manage the existing potential, including in the field of art crafts and trade.

Tampaksiring District

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Tampaksiring is a small city that has old monument of the most impressive in Bali. Here is also a great temple which is important and public baths. Tampaksiring is a stopover place for tourists from Ubud that are going to Batur Lake. Tampaksiring region has been very popular, especially because the first president of Indonesia, Soekarno, established the State Palace which is located adjacent to Tirta Empul Temple. The name of Tampaksiring are divided into two words, there are Tampak and Siring. Tampak means “palms” and Siring means “sloping”.

Tampaksiring has several attractions that are already known by foreign tourists and domestic. Among domestic tourists, the district with 8 this village is famous because there is presidential palace. This Tampaksiring District has many tourist attractions that are well known around the world, such as Mount Kawi, Tirta Empul Temple, and many more sites of historical relics until the southern region.

Those are some attractions that can be visited in Gianyar. For tourists who have vacation in Bali, you can visit and explore interesting places in Gianyar Regency. I believe, your vacation will be very pleasant because tourist attractions in Gianyar Regency are still natural and have high artistic value so that your holiday will not be boring.


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