Visit the First Shell Museum in Indonesia

Bali which is famous in tourism that accentuate pleasure aspect, also quite pay attention about tourism educational aspect. For example is the existence of Bali Shell Museum. Bali Shell Museum is one museum in Bali and it is the first shell museum in Indonesia and was founded in 2009 by a collector from Surabaya and his name is Oentoeng Sutanto. In this museum, you can see the various types of shells and fossils more than ten thousand kinds of various parts of the world which is consisting of shells and fossils were already hundreds millions years old ago.

shell 1
Bali Shell Museum is located at Sunset Road Street, Kuta. It is located about 12 kilometers from Denpasar. And if depart from Ngurah Rai International airport it will be take about 30 minutes. This Bali Shell Museum keeps collection approximately ten thousand of various shells and fossils that come from various countries were estimated the age among 100-150 million years old. With modern style building, in Bali Shell Museum is consists of three floors which functioned as a display of various types of shells and fossils from around the world and very complete and full of historical value.

shell 12
With modern style building, in Bali Shell Museum consists of three floors which is functioned as a display of various types of shells and fossils from around the world. Various ancient things stored on it consistently which is managed and maintained very well so despite its age is very old but it is still looks like as its original form when it was alive.

shell 5

Several collections of objects in here, on the second floor, for example, there are fossil shells shaped like a squid that is estimated the age was almost 400 million years old. Besides that, there are also fossil shells similar to flowering plants called Crinoid which is the age isn’t less than 440 million years old, and Crinions which is the largest fossil shells in Asia with a width of 1.4 meters and weighs of 170 kilograms.

The third floor of the museum keeps a collection which is no less unique as Cypraea Moneta, which is in the past, this type of shellfish once used as a legal payment. Some facilities those are available in this museum, as home theater that shows about the process of search and discovery of fossils in this place. So in addition to see the shape and form of ancient objects, you can also have the opportunity to see behind of the distress procession in discovery and search for shells, previously.

In addition to offering an element of culture, Bali Shell Museum is also offers an educational tour about the history of shellfish, taking process, and some shells in the past which is the function as legal payment and of course it is very suitable for your vacation with your son and your daughter.

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