Let’s Visit This Place and Imagine How Fantastic You’re

For tourists if you’re traveling to Bali, don’t forget to visit awesome tourist attraction in Bali. The name of the tourist attractions is Bali Trick Art 3D Museum. Bali Trick Art 3D Museum is located at Sunset Road Street 789 Seminyak, Bali. Bali Trick Art 3D Museum has been opened to the public on April 12, 2014 ago. In this place, tourists can see the beautiful pantings of the maestro of Korea state staying in Indonesia. This man makes a three-dimensional trick museum.

Painting tricks is a multi-dimensional image drawn using special techniques that create the illusion of incredible when photographed. The pictures are shown in an exhibition that allows tourists or visitors to take a picture with a picture that shows an incident that really happen.

art 4.jpg
Bali Trick Art 3D Museum is a new tourist attraction that’s really fun. In this museum there are nearly 80 3D images with a variety of painting tricks such as displaying various images of animals, places or famous figures, fantasy, falling from a plane, and various types of other works were amazing. You can come and visit this gallery while taking many photos with horrendous style. This place is really fun, especially helped by friendly staff and it will make you linger in this place.

art 1
The location of Bali Trick Art 3D Museum is very easy to reach and near with popular tourist area of Bali such as Kuta, Legian, and Seminyak. That is why Bali Trick Art 3D Museum must be visited when you come to Bali. This place can be reached by private vehicle or public transportation. Bali Trick Art 3D Museum become the first of three-dimensional painting museum and most popular in Bali, by featuring outstanding image illusions, so that it becomes the camera shots which produces spectacular images.

art 3 fix
If tourists or visitors like selfie or narcissist so Bali Trick Art 3D Museum is very suitable for you. Bali Trick Art 3D Museum is open daily start from 09.00 AM until 10.00 PM, on display at the two-story building, parking area are available to support the convenience of visitors. Bali as a tourist destination continues to improve and complete its supporting facilities, a number of other recreation areas opened to enrich the tourist’s option such as fly board water sport in Tanjung Benoa, paragliding in the region of Pandawa Beach, Kutuh Village, and surf kiting in Sanu Beach.

Complete your holiday to enjoy painting trick displayed in Bali Trick Art 3D Museum, a place that became a favorite place for youth, adults and the elderly to spend the vacation. Its location also close to the heart of tourism in Bali, so visitor will find this place easily.

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