Visit These 4 Places in Ubud if You Want to Get Different Something

What do you thing when you hear about Ubud? Of course you will remember Bali Island that becomes the place where you will find Ubud area. Ubud tour is the tour that very suitable for family holidays in Bali. Like a beautiful village which gives a million impressions and unique art characteristic of Bali, Ubud has become one of the biggest attractions for local tourists and foreign tourists to visit Bali. There are many things that you can do in Ubud during you spend your vacation in Bali that will not make you are disappointed. One of them you can choice one of several tour packages that available in travel agencies in Bali.

Ubud is a famous local district from the 1930s. This district is located in Gianyar Regency where there are many talented artists who live there. This district has an aura typical of Bali Island were very thick. Ubud is also known as an arts center for Bali Island. Many Balinese arts those are you can find here, such as art painting, sculpture, dance and traditional music which is presented uniquely. If you hold a family holiday in Bali with Ubud destination, you will not regret because many activities that you can do in this place. Here places that you can find in Ubud and you can get many different something and experience in this area.

1. Ayung Rafting Ubud

Ayung River 1
For you those are really like the challenging, you can visit this place to spur your adrenaline in this river. You can spend your vacation with your family by rafting in Ayung River while enjoying the atmosphere around the place. I believe your vacation become excited and you will get many unforgettable experiences after do rafting activities in this place. You can also do this activity with your family or your friends that will be make your holiday more satisfying.

2. Ubud Art Market

Pasar Ubud 1
This art market is a famous market in Ubud area. Here you can see many varieties of art and crafts made by Balinese talented artists. You are also can buy many unique items originally from Bali that is in this market. And here you are also can find all the details about Bali. Many visitors who come to this art market buy unique crafts that available. The prices that offered are also very affordable, especially for those who want to buy in large quantities. This art market also serves delivery order the items that can be booked by visitors. They market the goods in accordance with the order and delivered in very well to the destination.

3. Ubud Rice Fields Terraced

Ubud Rice Terrace 1
If you visit this rice fields terrace in Ubud, you can see the wonderful scenery and you are also can feel the fresh atmosphere with its natural beauty. One of the beautiful views that you can see is Ubud Rice Fields Terrace. The rice fields which is have a unique shape and green, giving an own impression for Ubud as the tourist attractions that has the beauty of the place. Not only in luxury and the available of facilities, but you are also can feel the natural beauty here. The rice fields that used as a living community also become more value to Ubud as a tourist attraction.

4. Sukawati Market

Sukawati Art Market 1
This market is also one of the art markets in this area. The market which is similar to Ubud Market is not less interesting in displaying Balinese art in the form of handicraft that has been created by the artists. You can see and looking for unique items that you like. If you need to buy a gift or souvenir, you can visit this market directly. The price of goods isn’t expensive so you can estimate your spending.

Some other interesting things that available in Ubud are also well known as Goa Gajah, Ubud Monkey Forest, and other interesting tourist attractions that also can be visited. It is very appropriate for you to visit these places and you will get many different something and experience. Don’t miss it if you visit Bali, you must also visit these fantastic places in this Ubud area. Have a great day.

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