Best Places to Enjoy Balinese Coffee

It is of course very nice if traveled around Bali Island. There are many things that you can see in this island. To make your holiday become fantastic, many interesting tourist spots that you can visit, But in your trip, whether it uses motorcycle or car, we often feel tired and need time for take a rest. What do you usually do? Maybe you stay at some places to enjoy the air and the atmosphere or maybe you visited a restaurant to get some foods and fresh drinks. But, if your stop point area has a cool air, of course that very suitable is try a warm drink, one of them is a local coffee drink, namely Balinese coffee.

In Bali Island there are many cafe shops that offer original Balinese coffee menu, but the tastes is better than if you come to the central or coffee producer region. In addition to enjoy the Balinese Coffee, you are also can smell the aroma of coffee from the coffee plantation that owned by local people. There are three areas of Balinese coffee production that we can visit while enjoying the natural scenery in Bali, namely:

1. Pupuan Region

Pupuan is a district that is located in Tabanan Regency. In this region there are several villages that produce good coffee beans, for example Munduk Village and Pupuan Village. Some home industry of coffee production in this region do the processing of coffee in simple way, namely with firewood. And also for the marketing is also still for local residents. For in this area can be seen directly start from picking, drying, and the processing. The coffee that produced is only Robusta coffee because in Bali is rather difficult to find Arabica Coffee because the altitude of the plateau is less.

2. Banyuatis Village Region

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Banyuatis Village and several village surrounding villages known by the community as one of the central Balinese coffee manufactures which is very delights. The location of this village is located in Banjar District, Buleleng Regency, it is approximately about 30 kilometers from Lovina. This village area has nice scenery, especially the plantations of coffee and cloves and also has the cool air. Many cafes and coffee shop offering the menu of Balinese original coffee and processed traditionally. This kind of coffee that you can enjoy in general is Robusta Coffee. In this village there is also coffee manufactures processing with traditional mix and modern. Tourists are also can visit this village to see the Banyuatis coffee processing directly.

3. Kintamani Region

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Kintamani region, besides famous for its natural scenery which is incredible, it is also has many agro tourism tourist attraction. Tourists can enjoy the other taste of Balinese coffee. Kintamani is one of the coffee production center besides Plaga region, Badung Regency and Banyuatis region, Buleleng Regency. The coffee that produced is mainly Arabica coffee, which is often considered higher quality that Robusta coffee. Some farmers in this region use the system of intercropping, namely growing two or more types of plants in the same area) on his farm, for example vegetables, cocoa, and especially citrus.

Because of use the system of intercropping, the coffee flavors in this area are quite bit sour and smelling like oranges. The taste and aroma of orange that you can taste when drink this coffee and it is can make the sensation of its own. Kintamani coffee have been registered and certified of IPR (Intellectual Property Rights), so the name of Kintamani coffee should not be used as a trademark by a company for its products.

That’s all about three areas that you can visit for take a rest during your trip to enjoy typical Balinese coffee. When the trip from Buleleng to Denpasar, maybe you can short break on the roadside to enjoy the beautiful view of Lake in Bali, namely Batur lake while warm the body from the cold air with a cup of Balinese coffee.

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