Let’s Get the Luster of Pearl in North Bali

As already known the public, Bali is a small island that is located in Southeast Asia, in the region of the archipelago. Bali Island is divided into eight regencies and one municipality, namely the regency of Badung, Klungkung, Gianyar, Bangli, Tabanan, Karangasem, Jembrana, Buleleng, and Denpasar city.

Each region it turns out has own unique, both in the form of tradition, culture, and arts. It can’t be separated from the influence of geography and climate. In terms of art, the people of southern Bali are indeed the expert. Many artists were born and grew up on the territory of southern Bali. Handicrafts and art which have high aesthetic (for example sculptures, paintings, silverware, and woven fabrics) are produced in southern Bali, especially in Gianyar and Klungkung regency. If you traveled to region in southern Bali, you can buy souvenirs of handicrafts and art at affordable prices until valuable souvenirs.

However, if you had traveled to the North Bali (Buleleng Regency), you can get many kinds of souvenirs in this region. And now I will discuss about the souvenir that you can find when you visit this awesome place.

1. Palm leaf rib webbing

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Palm leaf rib webbing craft typical of Buleleng began in great demand by foreign tourist, such as tourists of Germany, Canada, Japan, Australia, Korea, and China. Palm leaf rib woven handicraft is a unique and beautiful handicraft. This woven handicraft made of palm leaf rib of palm tree / coconut and for its manufacture is still traditional. They soak that palm leaf rib in water for a day then dry in the sun until dry. The next step is coloring the palm leaf rib with paint or natural dyes. After that, they arranged them into beautiful souvenirs in the form of bags, decorative lamps, plates, tissue boxes, fruit baskets, and other forms. To get palm leaf rib woven handicraft, you can find and buy it in the souvenir shops in Buleleng at affordable prices.

2. Dodol Penglatan (snacks)

Dodol is one of Indonesia traditional snacks. Dodol is made from glutinous rice flour dough, sugar, and coconut milk cooked in a large frying pan for 3-5 hours. The famous dodol is Dodol Garut from Java Island, but Dodol Penglatan is also no less delicious. To buy this dodol, you can visit Pengalatan Village, it is about 8 kilometers from Singaraja City. Dodol Penglatan is sticky and sweet snacks, wrapped in a corn husk which is hygienic, so it looks very traditional.

3. Pearl

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Buleleng Regency is better known as the central of fishing industry. In Buleleng there are also many lands of fishponds, shrimp and also the cultivation of pearl oysters. If you traveled to North Bali, pearl of Bali sea production could be an attractive option for the souvenir. In coastal areas of Gerokgak district, many places that produce pearls. The prices of pearl are various, depending on the size, shape, color, and its luster.


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