Explore This Village that has Awesome Balinese Architecture Building

Bali is a very popular tourist attraction among tourists both local and foreign. However, many tourists who only know the tourist attraction in Bali, namely beach and the other natural attractions. Basically, Bali isn’t presents attractions such as beach or natural tourism only, but also the Balinese culture and customs those are very strong and should we visit.

Penglipuran Village in Bangli is a rural area that becomes icon of tourist village in Bali, this object is indeed a tourist destination of domestic and foreign tourists. To reach the location is quite easy to be on the main way of Bangli and Kintamani, it is about 45 kilometers from Denpasar City, precisely in Kubu Village, Bangli District, Bali.

The beauty of Penglipuran Village in Bangli, for the first you will enter the area of this village, then you will be presented with a very cool and fresh atmosphere, it is because this area is located 700 meters above sea level. Besides that, this village is cool because there isn’t finding pollution caused by motor vehicles in the area of Penglipuran Village. Overall area of this village is about 112 hectares and it is not too tired if you explore this village by foot while enjoying the beauty around Penglipuran Village. Around of the entrance gate to the village there is an area called Catus Pata which is an area consisting of village halls, community facilities, and green open spaces in the form of lush gardens.

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The development of Penglipuran Village in Bangli as a tourist area are very appropriate, because it has a culture and a unique tradition supported by the beautiful atmosphere, comfortable, conducive environment, and cool because it is located on a plateau, at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, so that the air is cool, the plants grow fertile in the Penglipuran Village that’s look green and unexploited.

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This village has been awarded the Kalpataru. Kalpataru is an award given to an individual or group for his contribution in preserving the environment in Indonesia. Besides getting the award of Kalpataru, Penglipuran Village is also designated as rural tourism by the Bangli district government in 1995. Since that time, this village is visited by tourists increasingly who want to know how about the wisdom that happen in this Penglipuran Village.

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According to the surrounding community, the word of Penglipuran taken from the word of Pengeling Pura who has the meaning of sacred place dedicated in memory of the ancestors. Discuss about the ancestors, it turns out the people living in this village really uphold the mandate of their ancestors. It is evident from the formation of Penglipuran Village prioritizing this harmony.

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The distinctive feature that really stands out from this village are the traditional architecture of this village area has exactly the same architecture of the end of the village to the other. This uniqueness makes Penglipuran very beautiful with a very neat symmetry between one house with the other house. The gate in each house is facing toward each other which is only bordered by the small main street in the middle. The gate is called Angkul-Angkul (Balinese gate) which is also has the same architecture with angkul-angkul of each house in this village. The main street in Penglipuran Village lead to the main part of the village those are at the highest peak.

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Around the main street of this village, you will not find the scattered rubbish littering the place although there are many threes that grow around the street. Quite the contrary, this street is very clean. Besides that, in every corner of this village there will be many garbage bins are provided to accommodate the trash. If you want to travel to this village, you can visit this village near Galungan day or After Galungan Day. Galungan day is a major feast days of Hindu in Bali celebrating every 6 months.

When that day, you will see rows of Penjor (Means for Hindus people in the form of long bamboo trees decorating with fruits, cakes, coconut leaf, flowers, and other offering and planted in front of the house as a symbol of gratitude for God) that decorate every house in this village. There will be Balinese girl dressed in Balinese traditional cloth bringing the offering to the temple. Of course you will be get many extraordinary experiences when you visited the village which is very strong with its Balinese culture.

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