Explore the Aloe Vera Plantation in Bali

Hello traveler, How are you today? Now in this weekend, we will discuss about the plant that has many benefit not only for our health but this plant can also use for the beauty for our self. Do you know what is that? Yes. That is Aloe Vera. Many benefit that you can get from this plant, there are as the body’s immune system, detoxification, a source of vitamins and minerals, increase hair growth, prevent hair loss, as a skin moisturizer, and much more. One of the plantation places in Bali is Bali Aloe Vera Plantation.

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Bali Aloe Vera Plantation is Bali agro tourism for aloe vera plantation where in this plantation you will see many lush aloe vera plants and has high quality with the thickness of aloe vera more that the other aloe vera. This plantation developed with the system of plasma between PT. Aloe Vera Bali and local farmers. In this place you can see how to plant the seeds, treat the aloe vera, and maintenance when harvest time directly. Now the produce of aloe vera is only made for organic fertilizer that is also has high quality for vegetable, especially for the types of nuts. The location of Bali Aloe Vera Plantation is located in Banjar Bonbiyu, Saba Village, Blah Batu District, Bali. The area of plantation is about 100 hectares can become one of tourist destination during spend the holiday in Bali.


Bali Aloe Vera Plantation is made based on the idea of Mr. Hendrikus Johanes Swaneberg as the main commissioner who concerned on the livelihoods of farmers in this village after the Bali bombing. He took the initiative to invest in the aloe vera plant because it will benefit the economy within the next 20 years, while opening opportunities for local farmers. With a system of plasma in this plantation then the livelihood of the most communities around this plantation are as aloe vera farmers, and there are also become traders and worker at the factory of aloe vera fertilizer which was established in this village.

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The facilities that available in this aloe vera plantation are stalls of food and beverage, toilet, and parking area for the tourist. To reach this place, it just takes the time about 30 minutes because the distance of the trip is not too far from Denpasar City.

The support of tourism development in the province is not only from the Balinese people, but the love of the foreign citizens with this island was able to be part of still exist with the Bali tourist charm in the world and of course in this country too. So if you visit Bali, you can come to this plantation and get many unforgettable experiences that you never get in the other places.

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