The Reason Why Bali Becomes Favorite Tourist Destination in Indonesia

Hello Traveler, How are you today? Now we will discuss about the reason why Bali becomes favorite tourist destination in Indonesia. The beauty of Bali as one of beautiful islands in Indonesia can attract many tourist around the world visit this wonderful island. Balinese natural beauty, friendly Balinese community to tourists who come to Bali and also about the Balinese culture those become the interest of local and foreign tourist.

In Bali, many visitor or tourist can find many white sand beaches with the blue sea. For tourists who really love with the rural atmosphere, you are also can find it in Bali. Green expanse of rice fields in several regions in Bali as though invites us to visit that place.

1. There are has many beautiful beaches

beautiful beach
No one can doubt Bali as the place that has many awesome beaches. Beach is one of the reason why many people visit this island. Bali is indeed has many beach with extraordinary charm and tourist who love surfing also can find many beaches in Bali that has a big wave. One of them is Kuta Beach that has been famous in the world. Almost all beaches in Bali has a smoothy white sand so many tourist linger to spend their holiday in the beach when visit Bali island. Many supporting facilities around the beach that make beaches in Bali become more crowded visited by tourists around the world.

2. Rice Field Terrace that Can Make Feel Fresh

If you visit Bali Island, Bali also has green rice field terrace that can make ourself feel fresh and spirit when we looking at the rice field. One area in Bali which is become the destination of tourists who really love with the nature is green rice field terrace in Ubud. In Ubud you can feel the atmosphere that really makes your feeling become calm, and far away from the crowded of the city.

Many rice fields in Bali are located in the mountain area. Terracing system used by the farmers to make the rice field scenery in Bali more beautiful and amazing. The artists in Bali are staying in Ubud who give the impression of peaceful and away from the noise.

3. Friendly Community

balinese people
If you come to Bali, you can see most Balinese people are Hindu and they really holding the Balinese cultural. Balinese people as already that the island where they live is become the tourist destination of many tourists so they are accustomed to seeing foreign tourists in the streets and tourist attractions.

Balinese community is not at all disturbed by the many foreign tourists who come to Bali. Likewise with the tourists who come to Bali, they like already know about the habits of the Balinese people who maintain the Balinese culture. Harmony in Bali will be seen in the feast days of Hindu as Nyepi day. When celebrate Nyepi day, almost no any activities in Bali. All of bars, restaurants, shops, and anything are closed to respect Balinese people who carry out Nyepi day.

4. Many options accommodations

The other reason why many tourists come to Bali is many options of accommodations. All can be choice according with the budget of the tourists. There are many luxury hotels and maybe you want to stay in the home stay if you want to feel the rural atmosphere, all of them you can find in Bali.

As the province that relies tourism sectors as economy sector, Bali is equipped with a lot of hotels are spread in almost all regions. Not just a hotel, Balinese people who has more space in their house also offers home stay for tourists to stay.

5. Bali also has culinary typical of Bali

traditional food
Bali has some unique culinary among others Satay plecing, tipat cantok, rujak kuah pindang, satay lilit, betutu chicken, nasi jinggo, and many other that you can find in Bali. You can find easily all of traditional food in Balinese restaurant. One of the famous traditional food in Bali is pork that you must try to eat when visit Bali because this food has very delicious taste that can make tourist never forget the experience when eat this pork with the Balinese seasoning.

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