Feel the Mystic Aura at Bung Karno’s Room in Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel

Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel is the first hotel in Bali. The hotel construction was initiated by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Ir. Sukarno utilizing the land outcome of reparations from the Japanese army start built in 1962. There is an interesting mystery in Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel which is a special room that served for Nyi Roro Kidul. Did you know about the mystery? Let’s find the interesting mystery in that hotel.

At the beginning Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel named Bali Beach was burned severely on January 20, 1993. During 3 days and 3 nights the fire burned the hotel until the palm trees around the hotel and became scorched by the flames were huge. But, there is one room that still left namely the room of 327. The room of 327 was not burned only affected by the fire such as the walls were slightly charred and it seemed odd considering the terrible fire which destroyed the entire hotel.

Hotel 1

See odd things like this then the hotel invites paranormal from different regions in Bali, even some who came from Java to find out what happened to room of 327. Having investigated during the design of this hotel development, Bung Karno did have a vow to build a room for Queen of the South Coast Nyi Roro Kidul on the edge of Sanur Beach. When the construction of the hotel began, the room which is intended was also constructed. But, in the development process Sukarno fell from the reins of power, causing Bung Karno never once occupied that particular room. This is because the hotel started operating in 1966. Because of the hotel rooms that were never used by Bung Karno the staff hotel fixed rent the room of 327 to the guests.

kamar 8.jpg

But since the fire incident, the room was completely closed to the public. Everything that exists in room 327 left as is until now, including white curtains that now turn brown, TV, AC and also room phone. That very unique is third of the electronic are still function very well until now. This room began to be treated specially since the occurrence of the fire, and it is different with the cottage of 2401 that is still in one region with Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel that since the beginning of development on offer to Nyi Roro Kidul.

kamar 9

In room 327 there are also several items that indicate the presence of Nyi Roro Kidul like a green scarf, a mirror with green handle, green slippers, and many more. The items were gift from the people who feel that they get the blessing after visiting room 327. Although this room was closed to the public, but it is still possible for you to enter the room to see the situation of the room and feel the mystical aura there. Of course to enter the room 327 should require a special permit and was accompanied by staff hotel who specialize in the care of the room. To enter this room there are several rules such as should be take off their footwear, should be polite and not to say filthy words, and still there are several others.

kamar 1

Besides the people who come to visit the room 327, many paranormal who come into this room just for meditation. Although the duration of the meditation is limited namely not more than one hour, but it is still not discourage of the psychic who comes here. Some psychics who meditate in room 327 said that in the room did save a lot of mystique. Therefore, the room 327 was not burned and they said Nyi Roro Kidul giving a gift to Bung Karno. Some psychics are also claimed that they met with Nyi Roro Kidul and Bung Karno when meditating in room 327.

kamar 10

So, if you visit Bali and want to see the room, you can stay in Inna Grand Bali Beach Hotel for spend your vacation and you’re also can see this special room in that hotel. Not only the special room, you can also sightseeing around the hotel and enjoy the beautiful beach and amazing view around the hotel.


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