Let’s Celebrate Various Kinds of Foods in Ubud Food Festival

For those of you who are really love with the food, maybe later on May you can come to Bali and attend the Ubud Food Festival. Celebrate various kinds of Indonesian Culinary which is rich with the taste will give for anyone who taste it want to eat again, again, and again. Ubud Food Festival is come back again for the second year and will take the theme about “Go Local”, the theme that become the tradition of Indonesian culinary as the main star in the explore of the culinary that will be held for three days. The background, history, and the meaning of the culture and Indonesian culinary tradition will be discussed by professional chef, culinary lovers, and those who are experts in the culinary.

Several the famous name of Indonesian Culinary will be attend and celebrate the Ubud Food Festival, such as, Sisca Soewitomo, a favorite figure who always on air in the television and has been written hundreds of recipe books and of course she will share about her carrier in culinary during more than 40 years. The chef of Indonesian President, William Wongso will launch his book entitled “Flavors of Indonesia”. William Wongso’s Culinary Wonders’, he told about his journey passed various kinds of the Indonesian Culinary that is so rich in this book. Chef, entrepreneurs, and media figure of Farah Quinn will talk about the important of the healthy food in the session of Nutrition Full Action. Chef and journalist of Petty Elliott with his expertise in modern Indonesian cuisine are also ready to enliven Ubud Food Festival (UFF).

Founder & Director, Janet DeNeefe said that “In this year, our program will take about the theme of Go Local and the aims are to enrich the understanding of culinary Indonesia; such as origin area, the food manufactures, and how these foods can fit with the culture, social, and the geography that surrounds it.”

Ubud which is the region increasingly as the culinary center and art of Bali filled with the rows of the best restaurants with the world class. During three days of Ubud Food Festival will be filled by many programs such as discussions about the food, cooking demonstrations, film screenings, and much more. Don’t miss some programs that will be held during Ubud Food Festival, some of them are Blue Ribbon Pig Show, photo journey with Petrina Tinslay who was behind of the pretty pictures of the book by Nigella Lawson, and workshops about coffee by Rodney Glick from Ubud favorite coffee shop, Coffee Artist.

The central location of Ubud Food Festival is located in Culinary Park with the background of the beautiful Campuhan valley, and it is located at Jalan Raya Sanggingan. One of the venues named Kitchen Stage, which is also located in Culinary Park that will be Indonesian and International chef, who show their expertise in producing the best creation of satay lilit, fried duck, or sambal matah from their each version. One any place that you must visited is Pasar Senggol (Senggol Traditional Market) that will be present at the end of the day with Balinese Traditional Food that can make you so excited.

So guys, you can prepare and make your holiday’s plan now in so that you can come to Bali and attend the popular festival that held every one year. Please don’t miss this festival and I believe for those of you who are really like cook and eat, you can get many inspiration and many recipes that you can try in your country. Have a good day!

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