Let’s Come to Hot spring in The Middle of the Awesome Rice Field

Hello Guys, Have you enjoy your day today? So, today I would like to inform you about the hot spring that located in the middle of the rice field. Can you image how wonderful is that? As you know, Bali has many tourist attractions that you can visited when come to Bali. One of the favorite tourist attractions in Bali is Hot Spring. Many tourists from the other world come to the Hot Spring to spend their holidays and make their body feel relax before starting explore natural tourist attraction in Bali. One of the fantastic natural hot spring that can make you feel so amazed is Belulang Hot Spring.

Belulang Hot Spring is located in Mengesta Village, Penebel District, Tabanan Regency. It is about 15 kilometers from Tabanan City. Belulang Hot Spring is located in the middle of the expanse of the green rich field which is stretching in this wonderful place. Belulang Hot Spring has its own uniqueness there is doesn’t smell of sulfur. It is different with the other hot spring which is has smell of sulfur in general. The source of hot spring is comes from Beji Temple area then accommodate in the pool and it flows to some showerheads and a small pool.

belulang 1
With high mineral content of hot spring, Belulang Hot Spring believed can cure a variety of diseases related with skin disease, and besides that, this hot spring can refresh and rejuvenate your tired bodies. Many local and foreign tourists come to this place and want to get the benefits of Belulang Hot Water with soaking themselves. To reach this location, visitors have to walk about 200 meters from the parking area. During the trip, visitors will pass through the rice fields that have been laid out while enjoying the surrounding natural scenery which is still natural and beautiful.

It is said that according to the story, people believe in the existence of hot spring is believed to be the place to stay of Ida Putra Puncak Gunung Agung and the hot spring is located in Beji Temple location, the place to clean our self before pray to the temple. At the beginning, the local residents have a livelihood as a farmer, but in this time, they are also become a traders and employees.

belulang 2
So I hope you will get many unforgettable experiences after visit this place. Make your vacation become more excited and fantastic with your story when soaking in the hot spring that located in the middle of the rice fields. Have a great day Guys!


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