Enjoy Your Awesome Holiday in Natural Rice Field Terrace

Well Traveler, for those of you who are often visit Bali, I think you know about many tourist attractions in Bali. You are also can find many natural tourist attractions that become the place for you who want to spend your vacation such as: beach, mountain, river, rice fields, and many others. Most of tourists who are visit Bali always looking for the sensation of the big wave in the beach. But if you want to get the other different experiences for your holiday, maybe you can come to the one of the fantastic rice fields in Bali that make you so surprised with the its natural beauty. One of them is Ceking Terrace. Ceking Terrace is the region that uses the terracing farming systems or the shape of rice field areas those are graded in sloping areas or hillside.

ceking 2
Ceking Terrace tourist attraction is located at Ceking Village, Tegallalang, Gianyar Regency. With a system of terracing makes Ceking Villages has its own uniqueness. The beauty scenery of charming Ceking Terrace add with the fresh air and very comfortable that can make you stay linger to enjoy the natural atmosphere. Here you will see the Balinese Farmers plow and maintain their rice fields in the hills sloping area complete with the irrigation system that continue the water from the mountain. Ceking Terrace has become one of the natural tourist attractions which is visited by many tourists around the world every day.

ceking 3.jpg
Ceking Terrace estimated to have existed since the 9th century and keep maintaining and its unexploited by farmers in this village until now. Because of Ceking Terrace become as on of tourist attraction in Bali so the community in Ceking Village with the local village officials provide the facilities for tourists who come to that place, such as many souvenir shops, cafes, and restaurants along the way of Ceking Village. Besides that, many traders who offers Balinese accessories. Ceking Terrace is located about 32 kilometers from Denpasar City and can be reached approximately 50 minutes by motor vehicle.

ceking 9
The scenery of Ceking Rice Field is so very beautiful and natural and of course makes anyone who come to this place will feel so amazed. So don’t miss it this place guys, if you come to Bali, spend your holiday in this place, and get many wonderful experiences that you will never get in the other places.

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