Let’s Find the New Tourist Attraction in West Bali

Many various choice holiday places if you come to Bali and most of the tourist attractions in Bali. One of them is Palasari Dam. Palasari Dam is located in Ekasari Village, Melaya District, Jembrana Regency and it is about 26 kilometers to the west of Negara City.

Palasari Dam was built on April, 1986 and has an extensive of reservoir about 100 Hectares with a volume of water of 8,000,000 m3. In accordance with the planned schedule can be completed within 3.5 years with the construction company worked by national contractor PT. Brantas Abipraya Malang, while for the mechanical work done by sub-contractors PT. BBI Surabaya. The development of Palasari Dam spends the cost of nine billion rupiah that sourced from loan from Asian Development Bank (ADB). Palasari Dam was inaugurated by President of Indonesia, Soeharto on July 23, 1989.

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At the beginning of Palasari Dam was a reservoir flood control and irrigation for agricultural land. In addition to functioning as a source of irrigation water for farming with the behind of extensive protected forest and cool and fresh air of Palasari Dam is becomes popular tourist attraction in Bali. Dam water dump area are quite spacious is very beneficial for freshwater fishing business.

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Many tourists who come to this dam are not only to enjoy the beautiful scenery, but for tourists who has a hobby are motor cross and off road can show your hobbies in around of dam area because in this dam area there are motor cross and off road area. It is usually in the certain days will be held race of motor cross and off road in Palasari dam area. Many activities that you can do in Palasari Dam area, such as boating surround the dam, enjoy the scenery, and fishing.

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Besides that, in Palasari area there is also Palasari Church that can say quite unique because the building of church and the religion event of Christians at Palasari Church is very thick with the Balinese culture. The architecture of Palasari Church is very strong with Balinese elements. The uniqueness of the Palasari church building is combines the architecture of Ghotik with Bali.

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Palasari Church looks has a good condition with the modern building although it has very old age. At the entrance of the yard like the gate which is you usually see in the temples (worship place of Hindus) or at the entrance of Balinese houses in general. Palasari Church yard which is many overgrown with pine trees with some bordered the courtyard perimeter of Church building that there is little Balinese carving.

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The surrounding communities in general have a livelihood as farmers and ranchers, it can be seen along the way when you visit the location. With becomes the Palasari Dam as one of tourist attraction in Bali is expected to improve the economy of the local community. The facilities that available around Palasari Dam including: villa & spa, stall of food and beverage and also the adequate parking area. You can visit Palasari Dam tourist attraction and it takes about two and a half hour journey with the distance approximately of 120 kilometers to the west of the city.

So if you want to spend your holiday and looking for other different atmosphere for your vacation, you can come to Palasari Dam and get many new holiday’s experiences in this place.

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