Enjoy Your Fantastic Holiday at Art Village in Ubud

Hello traveler, if you come to Bali, of course you really want your holiday more satisfying and more cheerful right? Maybe most of you want to find natural atmosphere when visit this place. Bali is the right choice because besides offers the tourist attraction, Bali is also offers variety of natural atmosphere, such as mountain, beach, sea, river, forest, and so on. Between of them, if you want to stay in Bali to spend your amazing holiday, you can come to Art Village in Alaya, Ubud.

There are 60 rooms that blend with the surrounding the rice fields and combined with the artwork of local artists in Ubud Alaya Art Village. Alaya Resort Ubud really wants to restore the reputation of Ubud as a village which has been occupied by the best artists in Bali. This building has bamboo blade arrangement which is not only makes the look more exotic, but also serves to ward off sunlight to enter the room so that the terrace and the room was always cool. The doors in each room was designed with a texture detail similar with bee house, namely wasn’t flat and sculpted with the shape of big circles.

kampung seni 5
kampung seni 4
This resort with a peaceful nuanced offers the room type of Deluxe Room and Alaya Room. Both of them has the same area, namely 50 square meters, and both have a terrace with the tables, chairs, and sofas to enjoy the surrounding scenery of the rice fields. The difference is located in the detail of the interior and the bathroom. Where in Alaya Room is designed with more luxurious by using elements of Balinese decoration.

kampung seni 6
Alaya Resort Ubud is also has a restaurant named Petani serving various kinds of Indonesian and International cuisine. This restaurant is using the best local ingredients. Petani Restaurant celebrates the various kinds of Indonesian cuisine and beside that the guests can enjoy their breakfast start from 07:00 to 11:00 during stay in Alaya Resort Ubud. The main swimming pool in Alaya Resort Ubud designed exclusively by Grounds Kent Architects as an expression of respect for the artistic spirit of the local artists.

Hotel Alaya

The shape of the swimming pool is elongated which is remember us with the rivers and this swimming pool is also decorated with a bamboo bridge connecting the two sides of the pool area and also decorates with a beautiful natural stone. Not far from the swimming pool, there is Dala Spa which has won numerous prestigious awards and consisted of six treatment rooms surrounded by gardens and has the background of the river. Dala Spa offers various kinds of innovative body treatments and one of them is Manis Klepon.

kampung seni 9
kampung seni 2
Okay guys, I hope if you visit Bali to spend your vacation, you can stay in this resort because I believe you holiday become more satisfying and of course you will get many unforgettable experiences that you never get in the other places. See you soon guys!


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