Yellow Box Junction, The Solution of Traffic Jam in Denpasar

Hello Guys, if you visit Bali and when you passing through Kapten Japa Street, Waturenggong and also the other main street in Denpasar region, of course you are wondering why there is a line of squares or rectangles are colored yellow on the asphalt? And of course you have many questions about the function of the box of yellow line. It is Yellow Box Junction. Yellow Box Junction is a road marking that the function is to prevent the density of traffic in the road.

Yellow Box Junction that’s very useful at the intersection of congested road and also the times when the peak time of traffic jam. At that time, we often see a lot of vehicle users still breaking through traffic light when the light is red when the vehicle in front has not spread out. By the existence of Yellow Box Junction although the lamp of traffic light already green, the road users who are not entered Yellow Box Junction must stop when there are the others vehicle in Yellow Box Junction. When the vehicle in Yellow Box Junction already out, at that time, they can move forward.

Yellow Box Junction
The road users will incur evidence of violations if they still force their vehicles enter the Yellow Box Junction when in the Yellow Box Junction there are still the other vehicles. Therefore it is same like violate the road markings.

Yellow Box Junction 6
What if we do violation? Of course there will be sanction. According to Article 287 paragraph (2) in conjunction with the article 106 paragraph (4) a, b in Law Number 22 of 2009 about Traffic and Road Transportation, criminal penalties for violators of Yellow Box Junction is imprisonment of two months in the jail or pay a fine is about Rp 500,000. Yellow Box Junction will not function optimally if there is no awareness of road users. So, let’s we obey the traffic rules by growing awareness of our self for the smoothness of traffic along the way.

Yellow Box Junction 3

Yellow Box Junction 4
Here is the location of the intersection of Yellow Box Junction which is already applying, namely Sudirman – Sudirman – Waturenggong, Kamboja – Leli, Kamboja – Kapten Japa, A yani – Kenarok, Nakula – Yudistira, Arjuna – Werkudara, Puputan – Kusuma Maatmaja dan Udayana – Sugianyar. Hasanudin – Imam Bonjol.

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