5 Fun and Fantastic Activities That You Can Do in Seminyak

Hello Traveler, how are you today? Do you have special story about your holiday today? Well, if you want to make your holiday’s story become amazing, you can make a plan to visit Bali and come to one of popular area that you can do anything in that place. What is that? Yeah, of course that is Seminyak.

Seminyak is an area that is precisely in the north of Legian region. Seminyak area in Bali is famous for many private villas from the expensive price to the affordable price. The atmosphere in this region is very complete with the existence of the world-class restaurants with International standard. The atmosphere in the Seminyak area is very different if compared with Kuta region. If in Kuta Beach more impressed relaxed and too crowded with tourists, In Seminyak Beach will give you the impression of modern and formal.

Seminyak preferred by tourists who are looking for a place to stay more private, the shopping shops that offers the unique merchandise and upscale, luxury Spa treatments and also the restaurants with a five star standard. If it can be said, Seminyak has becoming an elite tourist area for the foreign or domestic tourists. So, what is the fun and interesting activities that you can be done in this wonderful place? Let’s see the review below.

1. Shopping

shopping shop
You can find many shopping shops easily around Bali Island. Many shops along the way in Seminyak area offering many variety kinds of merchandise start from clothes, souvenirs, furniture, Balinese handicrafts, sculptures, and many other that you can buy for your souvenir original from Bali with the good price and high quality.

2. Treatment with Balinese Spa

If you come to Seminyak area, you will find many places offering spa services, start from resort, hotel, and special spa places. Spa in Bali Island especially in Seminyak area offers the service by professional therapist, experienced, and well-trained, plus its places designed as comfortable as possible. Many kind of menus offer to attract the attention of tourists who spend their holidays in Bali and also depend of each spa place that you visit.

3. Sunbath in the Beach and Enjoy the Beauty of Sunset

Sunbathing in the beach is one of the activities that very favored by tourists, especially foreign tourists. Seminyak Beach is one of the beaches in Bali that is very popular for sunbathing and relaxes while enjoying the beauty of this beach. Besides in Kuta Beach, Seminyak Beach is also has the beauty of sunset that is no less beautiful that the other beaches in Bali.

4 Spur Your Adrenaline with Bungee Jumping

This activity is one of the interesting activities that is very interesting and thrilling to do. In Seminyak area, you can enjoy the beauty of the sunset and the beach while jumping from the top of the tower as high as 45 meters. If you try this activity in Bali, I believe it will become your unforgettable moment during you spend your vacation in Bali. If you want to try this activity, of course you can come to A.J. Hackett that is located at Arjuna Street, Seminyak, Bali.

5. Explore the Beach with Riding Horse

There are several rental horses that you can enjoy. The two most famous places that you can visit are Umalas Equestrian Resort Bali and Tarukan Equestrian Center. I think if you are riding horse passing through the rice fields or along the beach with your partner when welcoming the sunset time, it will becomes the romantic moment when you spend your holiday in Bali.

I think that’s all about fun and interesting activities that you can do during spend your vacation in Bali. I hope you can enjoy all of them and get many unforgettable moments. Happy holiday guys!

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