Get Exciting Adventures in Waterbom Bali

Waterbom Park Bali is a water park recreation that is very interesting and of course can attract many local and foreign tourist to come to this place to refresh their mind and looking for fun. This Waterbom Park Bali is located at Kartika Plaza Street, near with Kuta Beach. The location of Waterbom Park Bali is very strategic, namely located in the heart of Kuta. Waterbom Bali provides many facilities of swimming pool and it is very suitable for your main vacation destination with your family.

There are many activities that you can do in Waterbom Bali. There are Smashdown, namely a game with slide with a slope angle of 60 degrees and at speeds up to 70 km / hour. Next, Macaroni is rides for water games where you can play alone or with your partner by driving rubber boat like donuts and explore the hallway, rotating and sliding. There are still many other exciting rides that can be enjoyed in Waterbom Bali. There is also Jungle Ride, like exploring the tropical jungle by boat because above your head there are many birds and grove of trees.

lazy river
If you want to explore and enjoy the atmosphere around Waterbom Bali, maybe you can try Lazy River. In this rides, you just sit in a rubber boat and then you will carried by water current. During the trip, you can see the view of the waterfall and tropical forest that can make you are relax and fresh. The other rides is Boomerang that can spur your adrenaline and the way of this game namely glide at an altitude of 20 meters above the ground.

To express yourself, you can scream as loud as possible. Superbowl is a circular swimming pool. In this rides, you will slide to the center of the circle and then entered the hall and jump to the swimming pool. Water Blaster is where you can play the water by spray the bullets that filled with the water. It is usually lot of photographers ready to capture every moment, so you are free to express yourself.

Waterbom Kuta is also has some the other facilities. Ink Island is the place to get a tattoo. There are more than 750 variations of tattoos that can be chosen in this waterbom. The color of tattoo can be in black or white with a neat shape. This tattoo is a temporary tattoo and there is also safe for children. The other facilities that available in this tourist resort are Wall Climbing. In Wall Climbing, you can climb an artificial wall to fight the fear of heights and spur your adrenaline. There is also a Tropical Garden is a park offering activities to relax or sunbathing. Many areas are available for your children to play. I believe you will get many experiences in this attractive place.

Waterbom Park Bali is open daily start from 09.00 A.m. until 06.00 P.M. Tourists can spend their whole day at Waterbom Kuta until sunset time. If you have to get out from waterbom area, you can go back without buy a ticket at the same day. Restaurant and there is also available souvenir shop for those of tourist who want to buy something for their family, friends, or their partner. The safety during play in the water is also adequate because many lifeguards are spread around this area and always ready for you. Let’s come to this place guys and I hope you can enjoy it so much. See You!

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