Let’s Explore the Beauty of the Sea with This Unique Vehicle

Underwater scooter is the first diving activity in Bali by use the unique scooter. Just in a view minutes, they can be able to gain control of this underwater scooter and made the trip of underwater becomes unforgettable moment.

By controlling the devices that have been given, you can enjoy being in gravity 0, stopped and hovered in the desired place. For grandparents, children and adults, or for those who have never been diving / do not have a diving certificate can enjoy the thrill of underwater adventure with this scooter!

How does it work?
Underwater scooter has two machines, one for the front, and the other to be moved up. Controller button to the bottom is in the right side of the wheels. Button to move upwards is in the left side of the wheel. The depth of diving will be monitored by a guide divers and it is limited at the depth of 4 meters that will not allow you to dive further and will help you to avoid a collision with rocks.

underwater 7
Then begin to enter into the water with the stairs that located on the platform behind of the ship and went to the scooter that already exist in the water. After that, you are ready to sit. You need to always remember that the driver always sits in the front and then the passenger will sit behind of him. Furthermore, the instructor will let the air out of the helmet and will drop you down to sea at a depth of 4 meters.

underwater 6
The depth of 4 meters allows you to be under the water as much as necessary without any worries. You can give your guide a signal that everything is okay and start your adventure with a specified time. After the activity is over, the instructor will help you to lift the scooter to the surface. I believe your holiday become more awesome and of course you can get many unforgettable experience during you spend your time in Bali.

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