Find Your Favorite Taste in The Best Cake Shops in Bali

Bali has some restaurants with the unique concept, nice beach club, fantastic rooftop bar, and how with delicious cake shops in Bali? You can spend your time with delicious cakes and a cup of sweet tea after traveling around Bali that is will become a perfect choice for you with your friend, your family, or your partner. When you come to Bali, many places that you can choose and should be you visit during your vacation.

1. The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier

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The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier is located at Jalan Sunset Road No. 815, Kuta. The Harvest Patissier & Chocolatier has the fantastic interior and has a large space, and no wonder why this cake’s brand has been gotten the highest popularity in Indonesia after was establish the shop in Jakarta in 2004. With the unique concepts, The Harvest brings the cakes of professional handmade. The taste of the cakes you will not find in the other places. Of course desserts are also you must be trying, as a melt of hot chocolate, mango tiramisu, coffee brulee, crepes pralinette, vanilla panacotta, and fudge brownies.

To complete The Harvest provide hot or cold coffee, and tea, also the other delights such as faluda, green tea, coffee, and Oreo, caramel cappuccino and moccacino. Overall, The Harvest is not just a place to go on diet, but if you want to just chit chat with your friends and didn’t want to eat heavy food, so The Harvest is the best choice for you.

2. Biku Restaurant Seminyak

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Biku Restaurant is a perfect choice for you. Biku combines the place of drink a cup of tea, restaurant, collection of antique things and books in Bali. Inspired by Indonesian’s culture that’s unique, Biku accentuate the concept of a mix of the old Indonesian with modern touches. Biku Restaurant is located at Jalan Petitenget No.888, Seminyak, North Kuta, Bali. Biku take the example of daily life in the history of 150 years Jati Joglo in East Java. Joglo was known as an antique store but has been changed into a restaurant.

The menu that offered in Biku Restaurant is the food that found in the tropical area. They only use the best materials to make all of the food typical of Indonesia and Bali to the International favorites to remind visitors from abroad about the Indonesian’s culture. That become favorites in Biku is afternoon tea, which is usually served with sweet cakes and fresh cream. You can come and enjoy the wonderful cakes that have delicious taste only in Biku Restaurant and I believe you day become more cheerful and you will feel satisfied.

3. Pod Chocolate Shop & Café

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Pod Chocolate Shop & Café is located at Jalan Sunset Road 89, Kav.3, Kuta. Pod Chocolate Shop & Café with the high quality from organic chocolate of local cocoa pods growing, while bring a noble mission to support local cocoa farmers. This is one place where you can enjoy a chocolate that’s you never find in the other places. Pod chocolate factory is located in the highlands of the cocoa-producing regions, in Petang region, Bali and you will have an opportunity to try the other product, as caramel and ice cream that has a special taste of Pod.


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